One cup of milk a day is more helpful to lose weight.

There is a widespread rumor on the Internet that [only drink milk for 2 weeks to lose weight]. If you ask about the effect, of course it is harmful to your health and will never be recommended.

Although milk is good, don’t drink too much. I specially arranged a complete question and answer book on milk and weight loss. I have drawn all the key points. Don’t you take notes?

Do you want milk?

If you want it, you’d better drink milk every day.

The process of losing weight is not a simple energy addition and subtraction. Obtaining high-quality nutrients can improve your weight loss efficiency.

High-quality protein, calcium, vitamin D and fatty acids in milk are all necessary [accelerators].

If you want to lose weight successfully, it is far from enough to look at energy alone. Nutrients in all aspects are really [not less than one]. Excessive diet, vegetarian diet and single diet will only make your body’s metabolic ability worse, slow metabolic speed, malnutrition and fatter and fatter.

How much should I drink to lose weight?

It is recommended to 300 ~ 500g per day, that is, one or two cups.

According to < < Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents > >, drinking 300g per day is the recommended amount of [starting price] and has already had obvious health effects.

How about drinking more? This must be combined with your overall diet structure, distribution ratio, total energy and nutrition to evaluate.

Non-fat, low fat, whole fat, which one to drink?

    If you only drink one cup of milk (200 ~ 300g) a day, choose whole milk first. If you drink more than two cups a day, you can have one or two cups that are low-fat or non-fat. If the overall diet is especially light and oil-deficient, full fat is preferred. If the diet is oily and meaty, low-fat or non-fat is preferred.

[Low fat] [low calorie] and even [non-fat] seem to be synonymous with health. Many people think non-fat is better than whole fat.

But in fact, the fat content and energy of skim milk and whole milk are only a little different. However, vitamins A, D and E have also been defatted [removed], losing a lot of good nutrition.

Fresh milk, sterilized milk, milk powder, which one to drink?

Anyway, come as convenient as possible.

The biggest difference between them is in storage conditions and portability, not nutrition. Fresh milk must be refrigerated in the refrigerator and bought and drunk now. Sterilized milk is bagged and boxed, with long shelf life and great convenience. Milk powder also has a long shelf life, but it needs cups and hot water to drink (very few people eat milk powder dry, which is heresy and does not count).

Generally, they each have full fat and defatted types to choose from. Milk powder is brewed according to the appropriate proportion of water, and there is little difference between nutrition and liquid milk.

In addition, the processing technology will have a little influence on the flavor and taste of sterilized milk and milk powder. When purchasing, you can compare it slightly and choose the one you like to drink.

Is pure milk good? Is yogurt good?

All right, the focus is on whether there is [added sugar].

Compared with pure milk, the most yogurt on the market is generally added with sugar. Only a small part of the products are [no sucrose] [no added sugar], and xylitol, stevioside and other sugar substitutes are used to provide sweet taste.

There is a kind of [mixed milk] that is easily confused with pure milk, such as breakfast milk, nut milk, grain milk and sweet milk, etc., which are all added with extra sugar. We should learn to distinguish and avoid them through product names and ingredient lists.

From the point of view that limiting the addition of sugar is healthier and more helpful to lose weight, pure milk is slightly better.

However, for people who are lactose intolerant, the amount of lactose after yogurt fermentation is very small, and drinking yogurt is less likely to have diarrhea or stomachache.

Can’t you drink milk on an empty stomach?

Most people can drink milk on an empty stomach.

In addition to protein, milk also contains lactose and fat, which will be decomposed together to provide energy. Drinking on an empty stomach will not allow the protein in milk to be consumed and wasted first.

As for diarrhea and abdominal pain caused by drinking milk on an empty stomach, it may belong to more serious lactose intolerance. At this time, choose to drink less or not on an empty stomach.

Drink before or after exercise?

Before and after the exercise, you can do it.

    Before exercise, it is recommended to drink 1-2 hours in advance according to personal situation, and eat some bread, fruits and other carbohydrate at the same time to reserve energy. After exercise, for the goal of reducing fat and weight, it is recommended to calculate the calories of milk plus other foods, and it is recommended to eat only half of the exercise consumption.

In the morning? Evening?

In the morning and in the evening.

Breakfast with milk is not too nutritious. It can also be kept as a very [anti-hunger] extra meal around 10: 00 a.m. and 3: 00 p.m.

Drink milk at night. Arrange dinner or supper at least 3 hours before going to bed. Don’t drink before going to bed.

Before dinner? After dinner?

It is recommended to drink before meals.

Many friends think that yogurt is helpful for digestion. After eating a full meal, you can digest and lose weight. In fact, it is not. Drinking when you are full is an extra energy burden and easy to gain weight.

If a meal is deliberately not full, you can drink yogurt or milk after the meal or for a period of time after the meal.

It is suggested to drink one or half cups before meals and give your stomach a little fullness, so it is not easy to eat because you are hungry and eat more as soon as you eat, which will be more moderate and conducive to weight loss.

Milk and XX food are compatible?

There is no need to worry about [mutual restraint].

No matter which fruit juice (represented by citrus), chocolate or tea is eaten together with milk, there is no need to worry about the effect of chemical reaction on protein, because when it comes to the stomach, it is a [life]: it is acted by gastric acid, digested and absorbed.

There is also the formation of calcium oxalate, which is actually only a little precipitation and does not significantly affect calcium intake.

Coffee in particular, There is no need to worry about the loss of nutrition due to oxalic acid. Moreover, weight loss is not limited to American black coffee. Sugar-free milk coffee such as latte and cappuccino can also be drunk instead of milk, and can be completely made by hand. In cups of the same size, latte has less milk foam and more milk than cappuccino.

In particular, the homemade fruit milkshake is also a healthier drink choice as long as the amount of fruit and milk is appropriate and no extra sugar is added. It can be drunk properly for weight loss.

Is the milk good? Is soya-bean milk good?

All right, it is recommended to drink both milk and soya-bean milk every day.

If you are an absolute vegetarian, it is necessary to replace milk with soya-bean milk.

However, if they are girls who want to lose weight and have breast enlargement, they can only say: Are they the same? Use!