Physical examination found fatty liver, how should I eat?

In recent years, fatty liver is no longer the label of [uncles], and there is an obvious trend of rejuvenation.

Many friends of Dr. Clove are just 30 years old, and their bodies have also pulled up the alarm. They are very worried when they first found out. However, it seems that the men in their 30s and 40s around them are either fatty liver or hyperlipidemia and high cholesterol, so they don’t treat fatty liver as a disease, and they should still eat and drink.

This is embarrassing: in a few years, it is easy to delay mild fatty liver to moderate, then upgrade to severe, and finally it is not far from liver cirrhosis or even liver cancer!

There is fatty liver, how should I eat it?

Quit smoking, alcohol, sugar, low fat and high fiber, reduce refined white, fine and soft, increase vitamins, minerals and antioxidant components, and increase exercise at the same time.

Remember, these are the only ways to solve simple fatty liver. Here are more details on how to eat them.

Pay more attention to the outside [dinner]

Many friends often have to eat out at work, but this does not mean that you can only have big fish and big meat.

1. Eat only five cents full outside, never eat [back to the original].

The food outside is generally more oily and water, less vegetables, more fine staple food, and less satiety. If you feel full, you have actually eaten quite well and too much.

Don’t worry about being hungry, eat less and eat more, your liver will be less burdened.

2. Try not to fry, fry, crisp, dry pan, boiled, steamed, boiled, stewed and cold mixed.

Yes, it is the kind of [boiled] [boiled beef] [boiled fish], which is simply a greasy [wolf] in sheep’s clothing.

The greasy meat dishes in large pieces, what garlic bones, roasted mutton, denim bones… Try not to move chopsticks.

Not only is there much fat, but the heating time of fat is also extremely long, which is especially harmful to liver and cardiovascular system.

3. Cold dishes are more fresh and raw vegetables, and staple food is more coarse cereals.

In this way, even if the table is mostly greasy dishes, chopsticks will have more opportunities to reach those that are light and less oil, such as [big mixed vegetables] [bumper harvest].

Most of the staple food and snacks in the restaurant are refined white, soft or fried. It is wise to eat less.

More [abundant grain] [coarse cereal baskets], steamed pumpkin, steamed sweet potato and steamed corn in coarse cereal baskets are quite suitable.

4. Wine… Of course not.

In order to protect oneself, it is no harm to exaggerate one’s illness as much as possible.

Now that your transaminase is abnormal, just tell your friends on the table that no one will force you to drink. Knowing that someone else’s liver function is abnormal instead of drinking alcohol should be defined as “intentional injury crime”. For those who intentionally hurt you, give him face to be a what?

One meat dish with three vegetarian dishes is a common occurrence.

Eating out is out of control, with more meat and less vegetables, a serious shortage of vegetables, and almost unavailable coarse grains and beans, so you have to find a supplement when you go home.

Eating at home must be [one meat with three vegetables]. If these three key points are not met, the goal of 25g of dietary fiber a day cannot be achieved.

1. One low-fat fish or meat or eggs, one green leafy vegetable, one other boiled or stewed vegetables, and one cold dish.

2. Eat more coarse grains and beans for staple food.

3. It is better to replace fish with bean products for dinner.

White steamed bread and white rice, eat at most one meal a day, the other meal should be replaced by bean porridge, oatmeal, sweet potato and taro, and at least half of the other meal should be coarse grain.

For example, eat milk oatmeal as the staple food for breakfast, eat white rice at work for lunch, and eat baked sweet potatoes and miscellaneous bean porridge without sugar for dinner. If you are hungry at night, you can eat fruit and drink yogurt.

For another example, the dishes for dinner are a small plate of sesame paste mixed with spinach, a bowl of chicken soup stewed with white radish, a small plate of cold mixed with bitter chrysanthemum, a small plate of sesame cucumber shredded with bean curd shredded, and a bowl of miscellaneous beans and oats eight treasures porridge.

In this way, you are full of potassium, magnesium, calcium, multivitamins, antioxidants and dietary fiber, but there is little fat and no shortage of protein.

Remember these three key points, ordinary working meals (even packed meals) can also be matched in this way.

However, the common fast food such as a bowl of rice noodles, a bowl of noodles in soup, a fried rice, a pancake or a bowl of instant noodles is very unqualified.

Then if we say that three meals a day are really, really, really unable to control ourselves, is there no rescue?


It is very important that:

Move! Move! Move!

In the early years, fatty liver had an interesting place, that is, it could be predicted to be close to each other before going to the examination.

Most patients with simple fatty liver are [apple-shaped] with relatively large waist and abdomen.

Now many young people who find fatty liver may not look very fat, but they are busy at work, sedentary at work, sleep less, under great pressure, and have no time to exercise. The less they exercise, the lazier they are. The lazier they are, the more fat they have to accumulate on their waist and abdomen. The heavier their bodies are, the more lazy they are.

See, this is a vicious circle.

Recommendation 1: Strengthen Exercise on Weekends

Starting from Friday, refuse all social activities at night and go to bed early. Sleep until you wake up naturally in the morning, pack up after breakfast, change into sportswear and go out, and go to nearby parks or green spaces with good air.

Recommendation 2: Pay attention to daily activities

However, this exercise is not enough on weekends. It is also helpful to buy more vegetables, cook, clean and do more housework on weekends. From Monday to Friday, take time to walk fast or jog for more than 30 minutes at night.

Buy a pedometer or bracelet to wear every day, which can help you observe whether your daily activities are enough. Be sure to take more than 8,000 steps a day, preferably 10,000 steps.

At first, the physical ability may be relatively poor, and you will catch your breath after taking a few steps. However, as long as you persist in your physical ability, you will rise, your speed can be accelerated, your distance can be lengthened, and you will be able to walk like a fly slowly. When you reach that state, liver fat will certainly disappear a lot.

Last but not least

Hold on.

All rational and successful people, with a sense of health, must be determined to change their lives.

In order to urge yourself to live a healthy life, you may as well publicize the change plan to your relatives and friends so that everyone can supervise it.

Punishment of red envelopes is also welcome. In this way, you can receive several short messages to greet you every day:

Did you walk today? Have you had enough vegetables today? Have you eaten coarse grains today? You didn’t drink today, did you? You didn’t eat much today, did you? … …

Strive for strength and face? Sooner or later, you will see good changes.