Summer is coming, come and harvest a batch of health rumors!

Rumors of summer flourish and thrive.

Old trees will also sprout new buds, and old rumors will change their packaging and cheat again.

Can crayfish be eaten?

Summer is coming soon.

It’s time to barbecue crayfish with draft beer again.

However, rumors from the circle of friends continued one after another:

Crayfish was introduced into China by the Japanese to clean up corpses.

Crayfish is full of parasites.

The heavy metals in crayfish exceeded the standard, and the children became brain-dead after eating them.

… …

Why did this happen?

Crayfish has always grown naturally in China, and it is not only Chinese people who eat crayfish in the world.

Crayfish is located in the middle and lower layer of the food chain, and its enrichment of heavy metals is not obvious, mainly in the head. Moreover, most of the crayfish now are cultured products, and qualified cultured products will not be seriously polluted.

Crayfish may indeed carry a variety of parasites, but it can be killed after being thoroughly cooked in the processing process and will not cause parasite infection.

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Can you get leukemia if you drink sugar-free drinks? Carbonated drinks and instant noodles will die? Ice cream is full of additives?

Summer is coming soon.

It’s time to enjoy all kinds of cold drinks again.

However, articles from the circle of friends came one after another:

Sodium cyclamate is a synthetic chemical substance, which can cause cancer and leukemia.

Carbonated drinks not only cause osteoporosis, but also react with instant noodles, causing immediate death.

Ice cream contains XX kinds of additives, which make children brain-dead.

… …

Why did this happen?

Artificial sweeteners such as acesulfame and aspartame are harmless when used within the specified range, and can even prevent obesity caused by excessive sugar intake.

Other legal food additives, such as thickeners and emulsifiers, will also not have serious impact on human body when used within the specified range.

The gas released by carbonated drinks can be discharged through hiccups, farts and other ways, which will not cause serious consequences under normal circumstances. The etiology of acute gastric dilatation is very complicated. It is not important to eat what, and avoiding eating too much and too fast is the key.

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Pure water can’t be drunk? Does the manganese content in stainless steel electric kettle exceed the standard?

Summer is coming soon.

It’s the season when the most water needs to be replenished again. (… Hey, Xiaobian, that’s enough for you! Can this also go up? )

However, articles from the circle of friends came one after another:

Pure water cannot be drunk, it is stagnant water, which will turn into acidic constitution.

Mineral water cannot be drunk either. Minerals in it are stones if drunk.

The stainless steel electric kettle cannot drink water either. The manganese content in the kettle exceeds the standard, and the child becomes brain-dead after drinking it.

…… Only XX brand water purifier is the best!

Why did this happen?

However, people drink water mainly to drink [water]. Pure water is fully competent for supplementing human water. The human body has a set of complicated mechanisms to ensure the stability of acidity and alkalinity. The concept of [acidic constitution] is pseudoscience itself.

Mineral water will not impose a burden on the kidneys of normal people (of course, it is inappropriate for infants to drink mineral water).

Manganese is one of the trace elements needed by human body. Stainless steel electric kettle will precipitate trace amounts of manganese, which will not exceed the safe range for normal human intake.

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Ah, thanks to Dr. Clove’s skillful refutation, it seems that this summer can be spent at ease.