Teach you 4 tricks to overcome procrastination!

Procrastination is not a medical disease, but a set of symptoms. Therefore, the so-called [treatment] is of course only a [correction].

Obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety disorder, depression, hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), insomnia, It can also be manifested as procrastination. For these procrastinations caused by mental problems, [The root cause] is the key, That is, timely intervention in mental illness, Specialized medical and psychological treatment, You can’t say [now, Procrastination], It ignores the mental and psychological problems hidden behind it. Therefore, At the beginning, Still want to solemnly emphasize: If you have symptoms of procrastination, In particular, I also feel that it is accompanied by other psychological problems. It is necessary to consult a psychiatrist first. Do you have more serious problems? If you just worry about your procrastination and never act until the deadline, From the aspects of cognition, behavior and emotion regulation, Maybe it’s a good idea. Here, I have summarized some methods that are closely integrated with daily life. They may be effective in helping you deal with procrastination. Checklists-memorizing lists for the brain can help us to include tasks. Avoid forgetting, Reduce the anxiety and stress that depends on brain memory. A single list often fails after a period of time. Because we are used to simple before complicated, easy before heavy, This has led to repeated delays in some important tasks, Create a backlog. Complex lists can be passed between different lists, Implement intelligent processes such as classification, splitting, prioritization, buffering and release, Eventually effectively reducing delays. Regrettably, Making complex lists itself requires learning and skill, It is possible that due to the need to make a list, And there is one more reason to delay. Recommend a compromise, It is a lightweight list. You can download an App with a task list class on your mobile phone. Choose a simple and easy-to-use one that can also achieve functions such as classification, splitting and prioritization. After getting used to using lists, your procrastination may be reduced. However, don’t spend too much time on making lists, but let the lists themselves become a factor in your procrastination. Immersion-work or rest? The checklist is a defensive approach. I have also come up with an exclusive set of offensive tips-immersion work, which can significantly improve the efficiency of execution. Set four alarm clocks on your mobile phone, after 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 1 hour respectively. When starting the task and each time the alarm clock rings, say silently: “For the first 15 minutes, I choose immersion work or rest?” ] If you choose to immerse, Let yourself concentrate on this task, Remove all external interference within 15 minutes. If you are too focused on your work to hear or forget the alarm clock, Consider automatically selecting a new immersion. If you choose to rest, Complete the 15-minute break in a [non-participating] manner. Note: [Non-participation] means not getting stuck in a computer or cell phone, Rest in other ways, Such as drinking water, walking, listening to music, making phone calls, chatting, etc. This method is suitable for most written tasks: Read, translate, report, write a paper, write a book, make a plan… Just try it once. Container-Appropriate Environment and State Your mental state in the morning may be much better than that in the evening. It will be easier for you to read in the library than in the dormitory. You are more enthusiastic in working in a cohesive team. Time, place, atmosphere, habits, organizational culture, etc. Can be a favorable factor in defeating procrastination, As long as you want. We call all this [containers]. Streamlining offices and homes, streamlining information systems, switching to better locations, using reminders and shields, carefully designing the environment, Often can help you easily overcome procrastination. Narrative-You are the hero consultant or fraternity buddy, It will help and guide you to tell the reason for [procrastination] that you did not realize. This will help you find out the solution to the problem yourself. This is the skill of [narration]. In the process of narration, The most common saying of my friends will be [how did you do it], And will focus on your own efforts. In fact, With the encouragement of the team, Guide yourself out of the dilemma of [procrastination]. There is a theory of [heroic journey], That is, the heroic adventure is divided into several stages: calling, refusing, seeing a mentor, entering the abyss, fleeing, cooperating with partners, returning, decisive battle, etc. You will find that this series of structures are applicable to the legend of heroes of all nations in the world. Regardless of color or race. You can form an alliance with your friends. With the help of the community, Design a game-like plot for yourself, Make yourself a hero, A person who is not easy to delay. Counselors and fraternity members will also help you challenge a lifestyle that you find difficult to cope with. By encouraging you to finish this undelayed [heroic] story, To reshape your own life. Of course, there are many ways to deal with procrastination, not limited to the above. You certainly have good ways to suit yourself, or you have something interesting or annoying about what’s procrastination. Quickly comment and share it with me and [Dr. Clove].