The more you lose, the fatter you get? See if you have made any of these mistakes

[Meat comes like a mountain, meat goes like silk]. Do you think you are haggle over every ounce of calories all day long and sweat like rain in the gym, why don’t you still lose weight or even get fatter and fatter… why? Look at the following common fat reduction mistakes. Have you been caught? First, underestimate their calorie intake. Many people think that they calculate calories every day to the point where Kaka cares. Why can’t they lose weight? There may be a problem with the way calories are calculated. The most common mistakes in calories in diet are as follows: Can’t distinguish raw weight from ripe weight: Take the most common rice for example, After the uncooked rice is cooked, The weight will triple, And what we often say at ordinary times is [two or two meals], In fact, it refers to birth weight, Instead of double cooked rice. Weight estimation error: People are always used to estimating less about the amount of food, Or take rice as an example, The porcelain spoon used at home at ordinary times, A spoonful of cooked rice is about 30-40g, And two ounces (100 grams) of rice, Only half bowl. Ignore sauce calories: Chinese cooking, Often a lot of oil and sugar are added, When calculating heat, You need to take all this into account. For example, a plate of uncooked vegetables, The calories may be only a few tens of calories, And a plate of fried vegetables, Depending on the amount of oil used, The calories can be as high as hundreds of calories. In all kinds of western vegetable salads, The calorie and fat content of salad dressing should not be underestimated. To accurately estimate the calories of food, The most practical advice is to buy a kitchen scale. Of course, it is not necessary for Kaka to calculate and eat. Friends who are too lazy to calculate can refer to the following dietary suggestions: Determine the amount and proportion of food you eat [maintain your current weight], that is, the diet before you make up your mind to reduce fat; Those who like snacks will halve the amount of snacks they eat every day. Reduce the intake of staple food by 1/3 ~ 1/4 per meal; Drink less or give up sugary drinks completely; Change the habit of [soup mixed with rice]. Second, overestimate your energy expenditure. Sweat like rain on the treadmill for half an hour. The machine said that you consumed 500 calories. Do you really believe it? In fact, the amount of heat consumed by exercise is related to intensity, time, weight and exercise style. The data given by most gym machines are very inaccurate. Treadmills and elliptical machines tell you how many calories you have consumed. Just look at the dark and cool inside, Don’t take it seriously. But, This seems to be a universal human nature: Scientists once found a group of obese people who claimed to be “difficult to lose weight” and “fat even after drinking cold water”, Ask them to record their daily diet and exercise intake, As a result, on average, they underestimated their dietary intake by nearly half. However, they estimated more than 50% of their physical exercise expenditure. And scientists measured their basic metabolism and daily consumption and found that they were completely within the normal range. There was no such thing as “difficult to lose weight”. Inaccurate calorie calculation was the root cause of their difficulty in losing weight. Third, too little strength training. Do you believe in “aerobic fat reduction first, then anaerobic muscle gain”? It turned out that after three months of aerobic dancing, Fat can’t be reduced, On the contrary, there are fewer and fewer muscles. The strict separation between the [fat reduction phase] and the [muscle enhancement phase], It is only suitable for professional bodybuilders. Because of their high muscle content, And with a lot of training and strict diet. For ordinary people, If you are obsessed with this training method, It is likely to backfire. Scientific research has found that When the body fat reaches the standard range, When energy is consumed again, The body will activate [defense mechanism], Decompose the proportion of energy supplied by muscle, Prevent fat consumption too fast. In other words, Compared with obese people, People of normal weight, When you lose the same weight, It will consume more muscle. So when long-term aerobic training is not effective in reducing fat, Strength training is needed to stimulate muscle growth. Maintain, increase muscle mass, Rather than trying to go further [eat less and move more], Creating a larger energy gap, As a result, it falls into a vicious circle of [losing muscle-reducing metabolism-making it more difficult to reduce fat]. The strength training mentioned here, It’s not the pink dumbbell exercises that jump for one hour and have a maximum weight of no more than one kilo, which are widely circulated on the Internet. But to go to the gym and lift the iron solidly, Give enough stimulation to muscles. 4. Fruit scam Many girls want to lose weight. No supper, Only eat fruit. Regardless of the single nutrition and poor satiety of fruits, eating too much calories is not low at all (especially sweet fruits such as watermelons and bananas). Fructose in fruits belongs to monosaccharide. If you eat too much, Not only will it cause the problem of large insulin fluctuation in the short term, In the long run, It is also associated with obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, kidney diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Although it is necessary to eat fruit every day, But eating fruit as food, Or believe that [eating fruit can reduce weight], Totally unrestrained eating, It is a way to do more harm than good. Simply use fruit instead of food, It may also stimulate the body’s demand for carbohydrates and fats, When your willpower is low, Indirect cause to eat more. Drinking juice to lose weight is even more unreliable. Due to lack of cellulose, Fruit juice is more energy-intensive, The fructose concentration is higher, And satiety is better than fruit, The difference is very big, More prone to excessive intake. Five, physical differences in recent years, Some studies have found that, The diversity of intestinal flora, It may lead to different efficiency of digestion and absorption, This leads to the intake of the same food, Some people are relatively fat, Some people don’t. Innate genetic differences can also make a few people relatively obese. However, don’t use physical differences as an excuse to abandon themselves. Even if the physical fitness varies greatly, the root cause of obesity still lies in bad living habits. Developing good eating habits and cooperating with scientific exercise are the key to reducing fat.