There is no flour diet to lose weight, might as well give it a try.

You often hear about [apple diet] [yogurt diet] [fruit and vegetable juice diet]… these fast diet methods that flaunt eating certain foods or certain kinds of foods are often unreliable.

But now, I want to tell you responsibly: as long as you stay away from flour, you don’t need to do a lot of exercise, and you may lose weight easily in a month or two.

Life without flour looks like a ghost in what?

    Limit types of staple food: Various types of noodles, steamed buns, dumplings, steamed buns, fried dough sticks, oil cakes, wonton, scallion cakes, There are pizza, spaghetti, sandwiches, hamburgers and so on. Can’t eat. Snack depends on ingredients: All kinds of biscuits, instant noodles, melon, spicy strips, egg rolls, crab roe melon seeds, oat chocolate, pine towers, etc. Look at the ingredients on the package and you will know that there is [wheat flour], Can’t eat. Pastries can’t be touched: Dim sum shops and pastry shops do not need to enter at all. Soup cakes, pineapple cakes, wife cakes, mung bean cakes, egg tarts, cookies, chicken cakes, croissants, cream cakes, etc. cannot be eaten. Don’t eat all fried chicken, fried shrimp, chicken rice flowers, salt crisp chicken, pot-wrapped meat, sweet and sour fillet, meatballs, eggplant boxes, lotus root clips, etc. are all made with flour or batter and cannot be eaten.

People in Northwest China who feel that there must be pasta for meals will stop and give up when they see here, right?

Will you try?

How to lose weight without flour?

Benefits of a flour-free diet:

    Can let you find your daily diet, in addition to flour or flour, very monotonous; Restricting refined cereal foods with higher processing degree can reduce nutrition loss. It will enable you to make better dietary choices: more coarse cereals, more fruits and vegetables, less oil and less processing.

1. Replace more staple foods

Although [no flour], the staple food is still to be eaten, not without staple food or low-carbon water. The staple food should be replaced by other varieties of coarse cereals, potatoes and miscellaneous beans. For example, grain cereals such as rice, millet, brown rice, buckwheat, corn, wheat, barley, oats, rye, etc. Red beans, mung beans, white clouds beans and chickpeas of miscellaneous beans; Potato sweet potato, purple potato, potato, taro, yam, etc. are all very good choices.

2. Meat category fry

As long as you avoid wrapping noodles and hanging paste, you will basically say goodbye to frying. Other frying, baking, stewing and frying are as you like.

3. Eat enough vegetables

The more the better, eat enough one kilo a day to ensure a variety of varieties, not thickening.

4. Avoid snacks

Be sure to look at the ingredient list. See if there is any wheat flour. If you think it is too troublesome to pick and choose snacks, or just buy fruits, nuts and all kinds of milk.

5. The total amount is seven points full.

Control the amount of food you eat. Eat only seven or eight full meals. Whether you can lose weight successfully in the end, different people may have different effects. Even if you don’t eat flour, and other foods are not controlled and energy is conserved, your weight will still rise.

Examples of Three Meals Recipe for Weight Loss Without Flour

    Breakfast: A bowl of coarse cereal porridge (polished round-grained rice, red beans, millet, purple rice and other varieties are free, not more than 50 grams), One tomato (about 150 ~ 250g) or one plate of salad, One boiled egg, one bag of milk (200-250g, which can be used as morning meal) lunch: one bowl of brown rice (about 50-100g brown rice polished round-grained rice), 150-200g oyster sauce broccoli, about 200g mountain fungus fried lean beef slices plus meal: two or three walnuts, one handful of raisins (about 15g) dinner: one steamed sweet potato (about 150-200g), 230 g celery dried bean curd (130g celery, 100g dried bean curd) plus meal: one apple (about 250g)

What if you can’t resist [greedy]?

After listening to so much truth, I still can’t lose weight.

Because you are very likely to meet: a bakery with cream aroma on the roadside, a pancake stall at the subway entrance on the way to work, cookies in the drawer when you are tired of working as a dog, Lao Wang’s bucket of pickled cabbage noodles from Laotan next door when you work late at night…

Success has nothing but a strong heart and firm belief. Here are a few tips for you:

    Hungry? Prepare some milk and nuts at hand in advance, take them out at any time to cushion your stomach, and never fall into a state of hunger. Want dessert? You can choose fruits, dried fruits, jelly, etc. to relieve them slightly. Or set yourself a small reward, for example, if you stick to it for a week, you can eat milk ice cream once. Do you really, really want to eat flour until you are about to collapse? Please take two steps outdoors first. Then think about your first heart, your feelings, your victory in sight, and then decide whether to give up.

According to the habit formation theory, if you can stick to it for 21 days, you may never crave these things again.

Do you dare to challenge the upgraded version of flour-free diet?

No flour diet is an improved version of diet introduced by nutrition experts from abroad and relatively practical. In fact, foreigners who are mainly pasta have upgraded versions. If you are interested, you can challenge:

    No grain diet or grain free diet and no wheat diet or wheat free diet. Although the initial reason is not all for weight control, Many of them are allergic to glutenin, So that all foods containing glutenin, Wheat, barley, oats, rye and so on are all not allowed to eat. No sugar diet: Generally, according to WHO requirements, we limit the amount of sugar naturally occurring in honey, syrup and fruit juice added to food to no more than 10% (about 50 grams of sugar), preferably no more than 5% (25 grams) of daily energy. The extreme requirement is not to eat at all.