Tricholoma matsutake, is it reasonable that it is expensive?

Tricholoma matsutake, because of its delicious taste, is known as “the king of bacteria”.

This [gift from nature] has gained even more popularity after the broadcast of the documentary “China on the Tip of the Tongue”.

However, the price is also rising. In foreign countries, a Tricholoma matsutake can be sold to 700 yuan. However, in some restaurants in China, a carbon roasted Tricholoma matsutake can be sold to 1 600 yuan.

Is Tricholoma matsutake really as good as advertised? Is it really reasonable that it is expensive?

Nutrition is good, so it is expensive?

Some people may think that Tricholoma matsutake can be sold so expensive, is it because it contains what nutrients and has magical health care effects?

In fact, the nutritional composition of Tricholoma matsutake is similar to that of other mushrooms. According to daily diet, the health care effect is really limited.

Huh? Didn’t you say that Tricholoma matsutake has a high protein content?

The protein content of dried Tricholoma matsutake is relatively high, reaching 20g per 100g, higher than eggs, about the same as beef.

However, who will chew Tricholoma matsutake?

Everyone eats Tricholoma matsutake after soaking it in water and boiling it. When converted into dry Tricholoma matsutake, the amount of Tricholoma matsutake eaten each time is 5 ~ 10g. The effect of supplementing protein is better than eating an egg.

Similarly, it is the same to supplement selenium with Tricholoma matsutake.

Although the selenium content of dried Tricholoma matsutake is relatively high, it is less to eat after soaking and cooking.

Heard that Tricholoma matsutake has less fat, is it very suitable for people with high blood lipid or weight loss?

This is true. However, other [affordable] mushrooms, such as Flammulina velutipes, Lentinus edodes and Mushrooms, also have very little fat. Why do you have to pay a lot of money for Tricholoma matsutake?

Special reminder: Don’t put too much oil when frying mushrooms. Mushrooms have a very strong ability to absorb oil, otherwise it will backfire.

It tastes good, so it is expensive?

The problem is [radish and cabbage have their own tastes].

Like most mushrooms, Tricholoma matsutake has soft elastic teeth, chews like meat, and tastes very [fresh].

This is because Tricholoma matsutake contains some delicate flavor substances and aromatic substances, such as amino acids and nucleotides with delicate flavor.

In addition, the special fragrance of Tricholoma matsutake comes from the presence of some chemicals, such as benzaldehyde and benzyl alcohol, which makes Tricholoma matsutake have an almond-like fragrance.

Therefore, this problem [different opinions], some people just like the taste of Tricholoma matsutake, while others [not too cold].

The output is low, so it is expensive.

From the point of view of [thinness is the most important thing], it is really expensive.

Because the output of Tricholoma matsutake is limited:

    Natural growth and manual picking are adopted instead of manual cultivation and mass production. The production area is small and the production period is short.

Therefore, Tricholoma matsutake is expensive because of its low yield, not because of its special nutrition.

So, should we buy Tricholoma matsutake?

The price of Tricholoma matsutake is not low, and the daily diet has no special health care effect. However, it tastes delicious, so there is nothing wrong with buying and tasting it.

However, if you don’t like the taste of Tricholoma matsutake very much or feel sorry for your wallet, you don’t need to eat Tricholoma matsutake for [health care]. All kinds of [people-friendly] mushrooms, such as Flammulina velutipes, Mushrooms, Lentinus edodes and Mushrooms, are also [gifts from nature].

Don’t say, there is still a chicken stewed mushroom waiting for me, everyone eat well ~