Truth, detoxification schedule? Go to hell!

It is often seen that there is a “human body detoxification schedule”, which is repeatedly spread by different media and is similar. Most of these statements set a specific time period for all organs of the human body, believing that sleep can detoxify all poisons at a certain time period. Is this really the case? Let me, the surgeon, peel the cocoon and remove the bone and pierce the heart of this thing with fine anatomy.

Rumor: Sleep Can Detoxify?

Truth: If you don’t sleep, you will only look gaunt.

Sleep can beauty, a long-standing, many people believe it without thinking. This is probably related to their own experience in the past, such as staying up late will make people more tired, gaunt. For beauty, at this time of course the beauty will be greatly reduced, so reverse introduction, sleep can beauty also appears natural.

The establishment of this causal relationship is too far-fetched. Sleep is a complicated problem, and we can elaborate on it in another article.

Rumor: 9: 00 ~ 11: 00 lymphatic detoxification?

Truth: Lymph is operating 24 hours a day.