What is the nutritional value of chicken soup

A friend said: My wife cooks chicken soup, fish soup and bone soup every day. She said it was especially nourishing, Also forced me to drink together. However, she only drank soup, and did not eat the meat and vegetables inside, saying that it was [dregs] and had no nutritional value. So many fish and meat were thrown away, so I drank some soup, which hurt the meat… Another friend asked: Nutrition experts on TV said that cooking soup could not nourish at all, protein and iron were in meat, and meat was necessary to supplement nutrition. Really? However, some health experts said that Making soup is really good, It lasts four hours, Let the essence of meat be fully integrated into the soup… whether [soup] is useful or useless, [Slag] Is there any nutrition, Many people struggle with this. The truth about [soup] soup means that it contains a lot of water. There are only some soluble substances, Insoluble ingredients have only a little fat floating on the surface of the soup, The rest can’t get into the soup. So, Whether it is chicken soup, broth or fish soup, The protein content of the soup is much lower than that of the meat itself. 1. Meat is made of muscle fibers. Among them are soluble sarcoplasmic proteins, amino acids, peptides, etc. Easy to enter the soup, But most of the muscle fiber components are hard to dissolve. Generally speaking, The protein content in broth and chicken soup is only 1% ~ 2%, Compared with 15% ~ 20% meat, Obviously, the protein content is much lower. 2. Calcium, iron, It is an insoluble component, Therefore, it is impossible to dissolve a lot of calcium and iron in soup, Only soluble components such as potassium can enter the soup. 3. Those proteins that cannot be dissolved, Not indigestible. Healthy people have teeth, Gastric acid, There are pepsin, trypsin, chymotrypsin and other enzymes, They can digest macromolecular proteins that have not been dissolved. Turn it into a small molecule of amino acid, Then absorb the blood. Not to mention the softer chicken and fish, Not even hard beef jerky. So, For the vast majority of healthy people with normal digestion and absorption ability, Drink only chicken soup and broth every day, Instead of eating pieces of fish and meat, The total amount of protein obtained is too small, Nor does it have the effect of supplementing calcium and iron. If you only drink soup and throw away solid pieces of meat and fish, That is to give up the original and chase the end. The value of [soup] [pick people] in fact, [Is the soup useful?] It was also distributed to the people of what. In the case of what, only the protein content is used to compare the value of soup and meat. It is also a bit wrong [soup]. There are still many good things in chicken soup and broth. Such as dissolved free amino acids, small peptides, glutamic acid, glutamine, creatine, B vitamins and other substances. Glutamine and glutamic acid are non-essential amino acids. Seemingly optional, In fact, it also has its significance. In malnutrition, As well as in the case of surgery and weakness after illness, Intestinal cells have insufficient energy supply, There will be loss of appetite and indigestion, In severe cases, intestinal obstruction may even occur. The high content of glutamine and glutamic acid in the soup can be quickly utilized by intestinal cells. Provide energy, It can help patients improve their appetite and digestion. For this group of people, Although the whole meat has a higher protein content, However, due to low digestion and absorption capacity and liver and kidney metabolic function, They cannot fully digest and absorb the protein, which may even cause the burden on the digestive system and liver and kidney. This is like saying that a baby less than 6 months old can only digest and absorb the very low protein content in breast milk (the protein content in human milk is only 1.1%-1.2%, which is about one third of that in milk); If the baby is directly given spiced beef with a protein content of more than 20%, Not only can it not supplement nutrition, On the contrary, it will make the baby sick. The same is true for people who are weak and indigestive and should not eat beef jerky for the time being. From this perspective, [Soup] is worth more than [dregs]. Delicious [Healthy] Eating [Soup] Delicious [Soup] really makes people feel happy. However, while enjoying delicious food, there are several points to pay attention to: 1. People with hyperuricemia are not suitable. 2. While drinking soup, they should also pay attention to skimming off the oil on it. 3. When cooking soup, put as little salt as possible, the lighter the better. Otherwise, the [health preserving] effect is not seen, but a lot of fat is pasted. After drinking a lot of salty soup, Blood pressure also rose a lot, That is the opposite of the goal of [keeping in good health]. After reading the above, You should know [it is unreliable to supplement calcium by drinking soup]. If you want to supplement calcium, you should drink milk yogurt, bean products, green leafy vegetables, or take calcium tablets. If you supplement iron, you should also eat red meat, animal blood or animal viscera directly. Drinking soup is of little use. [Slag] I will not let go. Finally, what about the meat and fish that have been boiled in soup? Of course, it can’t be wasted, just make another dish. For example, chicken breast, although its delicate flavor is greatly reduced, can be torn into fine shreds, and then add some bamboo shoots, cucumber shreds, etc., mixed with sesame sauce, seafood juice, pepper sesame juice, etc., nutrition is not wasted at all, and the taste is also very good!