How to eat snacks to be healthy?

From the 80-year-old to the young children, I think no one can refuse the temptation of snacks.

Dr. Clove started with the nutritional value of snacks and talked with everyone about how to eat snacks.

Healthy snacks are made by yourself.

If snacks want to be healthy, it is best to choose some natural foods that can be eaten directly or make them at home.

It is recommended to try boiling green beans, dried sweet potatoes and dried apples in salt water (apples have less vitamin C, It doesn’t hurt if you make it dry), boiled corn, spiced peanuts, lotus root slices, homemade beef jerky, yogurt popsicles, homemade sesame candy, microwave popcorn… These can be made healthily as long as you pay attention to the freshness and hygiene of the ingredients and control the oil and salt during processing. Yogurt salad and whole grain porridge are all wild snacks for all ages.

If you have a phobia of choice, then considering the shortage of dietary fiber in most Chinese, it is recommended to choose more foods rich in dietary fiber for snacks, so as to promote the improvement of intestinal health and body metabolism.

    The first is beans: bean paste and boiled beans are good. The second is oat and wheat bran: ready-to-eat oats are much healthier than refined rice flour. If hot work is allowed, it is better to choose oatmeal that needs to be cooked. The thicker the porridge, the better. You can also try to add some dried blueberries, wheat bran, flaxseed, etc. Thirdly, fruits: apples, peaches, oranges, mangoes, kiwifruits, pears, strawberries, etc. are all good choices. Finally, bacteria and algae: a bowl of fragrant medlar and tremella soup brings you warmth and is not easy to gain weight at the same time; Vegetables are also very good: it’s just that some people may find cooking troublesome, or they can’t accept steaming…

At home during the New Year holiday, it is better to try it with your family.

Snack Buying Guide

If you are lazy or not good at cooking, you can also choose to buy snacks.

There are probably several types of common snacks: nuts, fried goods, biscuits and cakes, puffed food, dried meat floss, seafood series, candy and chocolate, dairy products and fruit products (do you feel hungry here? )

1. Fried nuts

One ounce (about 30 grams, about a handful) of nuts is a perfect healthy snack, with about 170 kilocalories.

However, on the one hand, most nuts have a fat content of 50%, unless your daily diet is very light, it is recommended to eat only a small handful at a time. On the other hand, you should also pay attention to the health risks caused by decay, sulfur dioxide fumigation and salt baking. When purchasing, pay attention to choosing big brands and well-preserved ones.

Step 2: Biscuit pastries

The most common way to make biscuits crisper is to use fats with high proportion of saturated fatty acids such as animal oil, palm oil and hydrogenated vegetable oil.

The fat content of common biscuits is about 20%, while some biscuits using nuts, dried fruits and other ingredients can often be controlled at 10% +, but certain sugar is often added.

3. Puffed food

This kind of snack often has more sodium and few vitamins and minerals. Look at the food label when purchasing. Some puffed foods can also be used as a good source of dietary fiber.

4. Dried meat floss

Effective protein supplement is good for thinner people, but attention is often paid to a lot of sodium.

5. Candy and Chocolate

Don’t you need to say more about the harm of sugar? If it is chocolate, dark chocolate with cocoa content above 70% is recommended for health.

6. Dairy products

300 ~ 500 g of dairy products per day is a more appropriate amount. People who need to control their weight are advised to choose low-fat ones, yogurt for those who are lactose intolerant, and latte for those who like to drink coffee.

However, we should be on guard against some so-called low-fat milk drinks, which are likely to contain a lot of sugar and are even more unhealthy.

7. Fruit products

Obviously, it is better to eat natural fruits, followed by 100% fruit juice, followed by freeze-dried dried fruits without addition, and then dried berries with various sugar stains, such as dried cranberries, dried blueberries, etc.

It is recommended to eat with original whole grain foods such as oats, which is delicious and can effectively supplement dietary fiber.

How to choose snacks?

How to choose the same kind of products? At this time, it is suggested to look at the nutritional composition table on the label first!

At present, our country adopts a 4 +1 mandatory labeling requirement, that is, labeling of calories, carbohydrates, fats, proteins and sodium.

1. Low sugar

Try to choose refined sugar and add less snacks.

2. Less sodium

Compared with NRV% (nutrient reference value) on the right, the value of sodium is preferably lower than the value of calories, indicating that even if this snack is full, there is no need to worry about excessive sodium intake.

3. High protein

Those with high protein content in the same category tend to have higher quality.

Step 4: Low fat

Starch foods, such as biscuits, choose those with less fat.

5. Additives in the Ingredients List

At present, there are 2 314 varieties of legal food additives in our country, and there are about 200 kinds of nutrition enhancers alone. It is impossible and unnecessary for ordinary people to know too much. The harm brought to you by unbalanced diet is far greater than those legal food additives that you have never heard of.

However, if the number of additives in the snack ingredient list is more than 10, the nutritional value is generally not high. Although it will not harm health, I personally will not choose it.

6. Packaging materials

Tetra Pak’s ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization milk can keep the milk without preservatives for a long time without deterioration. Some baked products can also keep biscuits and cakes crisp for a long time through aluminum foil vacuum packaging bags, thus reducing the amount of oil used to a certain extent.

7. Online Shopping to See Qualification

If online shopping pay attention to guard against three non-products. At present, some online shopping malls already have a monitoring system, and pay attention to whether there are relevant qualification records of production enterprises when purchasing baby details. In addition, it is still recommended to choose large brands of food.

How to eat snacks?

Snacks are delicious and should be moderate.

According to the latest 2013 edition < < Reference Intake of Dietary Nutrients for Chinese Residents > >, the recommended daily intake of calories for light physical adult women is about 1,800 kilocalories, while that for men is 2,250 kilocalories.

Generally speaking, snacks should have no more than one tenth of the calories per day, which is 200 kilocalories for most people. More than this is likely to affect the meal, or you need to reduce some calories during the meal. Of course, if you can increase your exercise, you can also eat more.

As for when to eat, the ideal time is between meals. Most dietary guidelines suggest snacks around 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., but now it is more common, especially during the Chinese New Year, to eat snacks between dinner and bedtime.

New Year’s Day may be late, many people will be after 12 o’clock. Calculated by eating dinner at 6 ~ 7 o’clock, there are nearly 6 hours of no food from dinner to sleep, and it is inevitable that there will be hunger around 10 o’clock in the evening.

Therefore, for those who do not need to lose weight, it is also reasonable to eat a little before going to bed. However, this time is no longer suitable for eating foods with high fat content and rich protein that are difficult to digest.

Finally, I’ll give you three more tips:

  1. Don’t eat snacks while watching TV plays, it is easy to eat too much.

  2. Rinse your mouth in time after eating sweet and sour food and brush your teeth before going to bed.

  3. You might as well pour snacks on a large plate and share them with your family and friends. It will look more classy and taste more satisfying.