Will the quality of life plummet after having children?

At seven o’clock in the morning, He woke up, Naturally, my father can no longer sleep. Waiting on him to dress, brush his teeth, wash his face, play or read in the morning, eat breakfast. While waiting on him to eat breakfast, He asked him how to arrange today. Yes, it is up to him. Although he is only over three years old, he can’t fool him many times. For example, last night he agreed to accompany him to the amusement park today, and at breakfast he asked him how he would go to the park today. He would say, Isn’t it agreed to go to the amusement park, how can words count? Dad has breakfast on weekends, Take a break, You have to take him to play. Alas, If you haven’t brought a child over three years old, You may not know how tired you are. As long as you go out, You have to keep him out of your sight all the time. Watch his every move. Like today, First go to Goldland Square, He played for a while, It’s not interesting to say it, I went to Guangzhou Library. On weekends, The children’s area of Guangzhou Library is simply a sea of people. Every opportunity, Find a place to sit down. He went to pick out books, I read them to him one by one. It’s time for lunch, He still had no intention of leaving, Only all kinds of persuasion can be used, Be reasonable, Said his mother was hungry, Waiting for him to eat together. This is more clever, No matter how nice I am to him, His favorite will always be his mother. After lunch, And went to Goldland, I had a great time, Until he found it really boring, He asked to go to Fang’s bookstore. Yes, He pushed it so high, I like to go to the books I read. Perhaps, Just follow the crowd and pretend to be forced. Fang has read several little red trains, It seems that we have seen all the sets, Then go to the toy store to finish the free Lego. Lego at home no longer likes to play, I like to go to toy stores and join the fun with other children. Only children’s stools, Adults either stand, Either squat down, Either sit on the ground, Or kneel down, Yes, on his knees. My father-in-law called and urged him to go home for dinner. And we have to reason with him, He agreed to go home. After dinner, You have to play cards with him, Ask him when he takes a bath in what. After taking a bath, He hastened to carry him to bed, I wish he would fall asleep immediately. Although I haven’t slept all day, But he’s in great spirits, He asked me to tell him a story. I said to put the recording of my previous story on my cell phone. He said no, to tell a new story. Can’t, just tell him a story honestly. Finally, after telling a story, he said not to doze off, tell another one. At this time, I have to show a father’s majesty. I said, you now have two choices, first, tomorrow night to tell you a new story, tonight to play the recording on your cell phone; The second option, No story tonight, Play another recording, Tomorrow night will not tell a story, Only the recording. He thought for a moment, Say, choose the first one. Looking forward to it, Looking forward to it, He finally fell asleep, I’ll take a shower, Laundry. Yes, Having a child has a responsibility. Since having him, My wife and I have never been to the cinema again. On weekday nights, Afraid that he could not find his mother and cry bitterly when he turned over, his wife really couldn’t bear to leave him out. During the weekend day, I had to take him out to play. Since I had him, my wife and I hardly went shopping, the reason is the same as above. Sometimes when he takes a nap on weekends, we hurried out for a stroll. Now, take him out shopping, he would say, Mom and Dad, it’s boring, let’s go? Where to go, where there are toys. So, If he doesn’t have to stop his mouth with snacks, It’s really hard to buy a dress. However, We have to strictly limit his snacks, Determined not to use snacks to block his mouth, We have to follow him. Since we had him, Long-distance travel is becoming more and more difficult. Now go out and play, It’s impossible not to take him. Take him, Not only has the luggage increased a lot, You have to be careful everywhere, All kinds of worries. Since I had him, Feel their earning power is too poor. Originally has paid off the mortgage, now in order to study district housing, is a debt. However, the child brought unprecedented happiness since he had, playing mobile phone at home obviously less time, especially after he was three years old. Seeing you playing mobile phone, he would say, playing mobile phone is not good for your eyes, let you turn off your mobile phone; If you don’t turn it off, he will turn it off for you. Since I have him, I like reading more and more, especially reading a lot of children’s books. Since I have him, I pay more attention to the ingredients of the food. Since I have him, I have more worries when I go on business. Every morning when I leave, he will say goodbye to my parents. Before his mother says [I love you], he will say [I love you, too! Every day when I come back to the door from work, Shout into the door, Doll, daddy’s back. And then, I heard him shouting [my father is back], He ran as fast as he could to open the door, Put my slippers in front of me, Said, Dad, please change your shoes. Every day when you come home from work, He would say, Dad, I miss you so much, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Oh, In fact, I haven’t seen you for eight or nine hours. Take him to the east station, Seeing the artificial waterfall, He would blurt out [fly straight down three thousands of feet, It is suspected that the Milky Way has fallen for nine days]. Take him to the subway, he will stand at the place where he gets on the bus, not at the place where he gets off. When crossing the road, he will wait until the green light to go. When he sees a car parked randomly, he will say that the parking person is uncivilized. When he is tired from walking, he will say, Dad, you should know that I am tired from walking, are you ready to hug me for a while? Once, he said he was going to lock me up in a small black room. I said I was afraid. He immediately asked, You are afraid to go to the little black house, Why do you always say lock me up in a little black room? Recently, On the way out, He would grab his mother’s wrist, Instead of pulling your fingers, Ask him why, He said he wanted to protect his mother. Yes, With children, If you want to do your part as a parent, It will be very tiring, It is true that you will lose a lot of freedom and your quality of life will decline to some extent. However, to some extent, for the vast majority of parents, every child is an angel, and the happiness and happiness TA brings you will be unprecedented and worth paying for. Since TA has been given life, enjoy the beauty TA brings.