Be careful with these four words, it will make you fat.

Soup and sugar lie hot, affecting health.

Soup and sugar lie hot, causing obesity.


Many people like to drink soup, but they are afraid of getting fat. This kind of worry is very necessary. If you drink soup wrong, you will easily get fat.

Step 1 Watch out for oil soup

Like chicken soup, fish soup, bone soup and western cream soup, the fat content in these soups is very high. In particular, the thick milky white oil soup is all due to the fat in it.

STEP 2 Pay Attention to the Time of Soup Drinking

Drink soup before meals, slim and healthy; Drink soup after dinner, the more you drink, the fatter you get.

There is some truth in this sentence: if you drink more light tea, clear soup and thin rice soup 20-30 minutes before meals, you can slightly inhibit your appetite and reduce your appetite for meals.

However, drinking soup while eating has no such effect.

If you drink a bowl of thick soup to fill the seam after you are full, it will only add to the calorie burden.


There must be no need to say much about the relationship between sugar and obesity.

Not only because the high-sugar food itself has high calories, eating too much leads to excess energy, but also because long-term high-sugar and diet easily lead to abnormal metabolism of sugar by the body, thus causing obesity.

The World Health Organization (WHO) advocates limiting sucrose (white granulated sugar, soft sugar, crystal sugar, brown sugar), glucose and fructose used in food, including various sweet starch hydrolysis products such as starch syrup, maltose syrup, glucose syrup and fructose syrup.

Such as pure fruit juice, concentrated fruit juice and honey also need to be restricted, although they give people the impression of [natural] and [healthy].

In addition to the high sugar content of common sweets and sweet drinks, the high carbohydrate diet with too much staple food is also a matter of care to avoid obesity.

Lie down

[Beijing Paralysis] [Ge You Lie]… If you live like this every day, you are lazy and don’t want to move. If you eat more and move less, you will inevitably gain weight easily.

STEP 1 Keep exercising

In order to achieve the greatest health effect, we recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week, at least 5 days a week and at least 30 minutes per day.

What is a moderate intensity sport? It is not enough to turn over in sleep, nor is it enough to go shopping slowly. Only when the exercise heart rate can reach [(220-age) × 60% ~ 70%] can it be counted.

For example, when you are 30 years old and your heart rate reaches (220-30) × 0.6 to 0.7, that is, 114 to 133 times, you can be regarded as moderate intensity exercise.

2. Pay Attention to Posture

The so-called [stand up straight by one inch and tuck in your abdomen and lose 3 kg]. Usually, you can pay attention to maintaining a good sitting posture, standing posture and gait for a long time, and you will more consciously control the power of your body muscles, which can slow down the occurrence of muscle strain and physical discomfort.


Many people will ask: Will eating malatang make you fat? Will eating hot pot make you fat?

[Hot] The problem is that oil is much better than water in heat preservation. To say that malatang and hot pot ingredients themselves, if meat and vegetables are matched and clear soup without oil is selected, nutrition balance and health can still be achieved.

STEP 1 Be careful of your appetite

However, spicy and hot food is easy to increase one’s appetite and open one’s appetite. With the addition of drinks and beer drunk together, the calories of a full meal cannot be stopped.

Step 2: Don’t eat too fast

People who like to eat while it is hot generally eat faster. This makes it easy for your brain to fail to respond in time when you eat a lot of food quickly, fail to generate the signal of “I am full”, and then eat a lot more than eating slowly.

Therefore, in order to be better healthy and stay away from obesity, please start by eliminating the four words [soup and sugar lie hot] and get rid of your bad living habits.