Healthy body, happy heart! What is your health score? One by one to check

Some people say that health is 1 and the rest is 0. Life is a number. Only the front 1 can be guaranteed and the back 0 is meaningful.

When you are young, you may not understand this truth, but the older you get, the more attention should be paid to your health. The health headline (Baojiandaifu) will now give you a score on your health and see if your health protection has been done in how?

Have you been vaccinated?

    Vaccination during the flu season every year; Friends who have never been vaccinated, or who have been vaccinated before the age of 65, but have been vaccinated for more than five years, should be able to be vaccinated against pneumonia again.

Do you have/have a healthy lifestyle?

    How smokers quit smoking; How to avoid second-hand smoke for non-smokers; Try to abstain from alcohol; Guidance on balanced diet methods; Regular physical activities; Maintain a moderate weight.

Do you have/pay attention to dental health care?

    Brush your teeth with the correct method every morning and evening for at least two minutes. Choose soft bristle toothbrush and fluoride-containing toothpaste; Clean your teeth with floss or brush.

Do you take/take multiple drugs at the same time?

  • Ask more medical staff to understand the side effects of drugs and their mutual effects.

Do you have/guard against functional degradation?

Hearing and Vision When you find ear or eye discomfort, suspect hearing or vision loss or eye diseases, such as eye pain, floaters, loss of partial vision, etc., you should seek help from a doctor.Urination is not well controlled. Consult a doctor in time to find out the cause and seek treatment.It is not easy to stand firm and improve home layout and dress, use appropriate auxiliary tools and strengthen exercise to maintain muscle strength.

Do you have/guard against chronic diseases?

Hypertension is checked at least once a year.
Diabetes mellitus

Blood sugar should be checked at least once every three years for 45 years old or above.

Friends with hyperglycemia risk factors should check once a year.

Hyperlipidemia Blood lipid should be checked at least once every three years between 50 and 75 years old.Friends with hyperlipidemia risk factors should check once a year.

Do you have/have a cancer screening?

Cervical cancer is 21 ~ 30 years old, and cervical scraping is carried out every three years. 30-65 years old, once every three years.Breast cancer is examined once a year from the age of 30. From the age of 40, molybdenum target examination is conducted once a year.Colonoscopy is performed once every 10 years for colorectal cancer from the age of 50.

Do you have/pay attention to mental health?

Depression If you often feel prone to fatigue, depression, pessimism, lack of self-confidence, loneliness and lack of vitality, and for more than two weeks, and affect your life and ability to do things, you should seek medical treatment immediately.Insomnia sees a doctor regularly to avoid daytime sleep, smoking and drinking strong tea, spirits, etc. If you have long-term insomnia, you should take the initiative to seek the assistance of a doctor and should not buy or take sleeping pills or products on your own.Alzheimer’s disease (Alzheimer’s disease) If family members find that the elderly have memory impairment, forget their way when going out, and are slowly unable to handle daily affairs, they should be alert to Alzheimer’s disease and should actively take their families to see neurologists or psychiatrists.

Do you have/do you have a regular physical examination?

Most of the time, the health examination can conduct a comprehensive examination of the above problems. What kind of examination do you need? Scan the two-dimensional code to test the health check-up package suitable for you!