Can vegetarian diet lose weight? Get rid of your nine misconceptions about vegetarianism.

Although many people firmly believe that they [climbed to the top of the food chain not to eat grass], they are also full of curiosity about vegetarianism.

Can vegetarian diet lose weight? Will vegetarian diet suffer from malnutrition? Will vegetarianism weaken sexual interest?

Today, I listened to Teacher Dong Fangnan talk about vegetarianism. I also hope vegetarians can eat healthily.

Does vegetarianism mean eating only vegetables and not meat?

In fact, vegetarianism is divided into many kinds, mainly including:

Strict vegetarian (Vegan), Lacto-ovo-vegetarian, Flexitarian/Semi-vegetarian, Pescatarian, Raw vegan/Raw food diet, etc.

There are also branches caused by different [taboo foods].

For different reasons, or just because of different living habits, vegetarians can choose the most suitable vegetarian way.

So, when a vegetarian says he eats fish, please don’t be too surprised.

Can vegetarian diet lose weight?

Not necessarily.

Weight loss is related to the calories of the food you eat, while vegetarian ingredients also have [high calories] and [low calories].

For example, vegetables and fruits have lower calories. Most bean products have less fat and lower calories than meat.

However, if you fry vegetables with a lot of oil and eat a lot of vegetarian snacks (such as vegetarian cakes), it is still easy to gain weight.

Therefore, whether one can lose weight has nothing to do with vegetarianism.

Will vegetarianism be malnourished and energetic?

Vegetarianism also requires balanced nutrition.

Vegetarians also need nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, inorganic salts, water and dietary fiber. The difference is whether the source of nutrients is plant.

As long as you pay attention to balanced nutrition, a vegetarian body can be as good as before.

Will long-term vegetarianism weaken sexual interest?


On the one hand, under the condition of ensuring balanced nutrition, vegetarians have the same physique as ordinary people. Don’t treat vegetarians as aliens.

On the other hand, whether the body (sexual interest) is good or not is also related to one’s own exercise.

Vegetarians can also be fierce and sexy.

Does vegetarian diet lead to amenorrhea?

If nutrition is balanced, amenorrhea will not happen to vegetarian girls.

However, if there is long-term malnutrition, especially insufficient fat intake, there may be a risk of amenorrhea.

Therefore, if you don’t eat meat, you should also pay attention to the use of edible oil and eat some nuts in an appropriate amount.

Who is not suitable for vegetarianism?

For people with special needs for nutrition, such as pregnant women, patients with metabolic diseases and patients recuperating after surgery, strict vegetarianism is not recommended under the condition that balanced nutrition intake cannot be guaranteed and physical needs are met.

What are the precautions for vegetarianism?

1. Protein is important

No matter whether it is fish element, egg milk element or net element, it is necessary to pay attention to the intake of protein.

For vegetarians, beans and grains can be eaten together, which helps to improve the utilization rate of protein.

For people with egg and egg milk, eggs are a very good food and can be eaten more.

2. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure the intake of vitamins and trace elements. However, pay attention to the sugar in fruits.

Step 3: Eat more nuts

Vegetarians need to eat more nuts than non-vegetarians to supplement oil and trace elements.

4. Eat more seaweed and fungi

Seafood and fungi are just gifts from nature to vegetarians.

In addition to their delicious taste, they can also bring rich proteins, vitamins and trace elements.

5. Supplement multivitamin tablets when necessary

If it is difficult to achieve a balanced diet, vegetarians can consider supplementing multivitamin tablets.

6. Eat less [refined vegetable protein]

The so-called “refined protein” refers to the refined processed soybean protein, which is the “vegetarian meat” in the mouth of vegetarians.

In finishing, nutrition will be lost. Although these [vegetarian meat] are delicious, they should not be greedy.

How do vegetarians and non-vegetarians eat together?

Respect each other’s eating habits, do not evaluate, do not persuade.

Just because the ingredients are different, vegetarians and non-vegetarians can still be friends.

When eating together, pay attention to the choice of dishes suitable for vegetarians, especially vegetable oil as cooking oil. Long-term vegetarians are usually more sensitive to taste.

What if vegetarians want to eat meat? What if non-vegetarians want to be vegetarian?

If you want to eat, then eat.

It should be noted that after a long period of vegetarianism, the body’s ability to digest meat may decrease. If you want to resume eating meat, it is recommended to use a small amount of meat several times and step by step.

Similarly, sudden vegetarianism may also bring about physical maladjustment, which can gradually transition from semi-vegetarian and egg-milk vegetarian to full vegetarian and gradually enter the vegetarian world.

Author: Dong Fangnan