Children often say headache and stomachache. Are they cheating their parents?

Often listen to mothers half fun half helpless complaints: children say playing the piano, headache, stomachache; As soon as I went out to play, I was fine. When I said I was going to do my homework, I had a stomachache and headache. When it comes to watching TV, it’s all right.
Children are still not as intelligent as adults. No new what tricks can be made up. However, Parents should pay attention to the fact that, There are statistics abroad, When about 40% of the children said they had a headache or stomachache, Not necessarily an excuse, It is really head or stomach discomfort. To remind parents, If children really often say [headache] [stomachache], We should go to the hospital for a detailed examination first. However, The next thing to say is, It is the pain caused by the child’s emotional problems, In other words, Even if parents are in a hurry to take their children to the hospital, Instruments can’t detect specific organic problems either. Sometimes, Headache, stomachache is really to tell you two cases about children’s headache and stomachache. A girl who has a headache as soon as she studies, a 7-year-old girl, My father was hospitalized in a car accident, He was badly hurt, The family kept it from her. The mother of the child was going to run to the hospital, Handling insurance claims and other matters, Transfer her to Grandma’s house, Grandma accidentally sprained her ankle again. Three months later, When his father entered the recovery period to practice walking, Only when parents tell their children the truth, Soon after, the child’s grandfather was admitted to the hospital with myocardial infarction. The child’s school performance dropped significantly. I don’t like to do my homework when I go home, Don’t like to go out to play, Become impatient, Always talking about headaches. Mom took her through all kinds of tests, There is no organic problem, It’s only a neurotic migraine. Mommy’s too busy, She took a long vacation at school. After that, As long as her mum said she was goe to teach herself or didn’t meet her what requirements, She said she had a headache. The boy who had a stomachache when swimming, another 5-year-old boy, The body is thin, Mom said to enroll in a swimming class, Take some exercise. On the first day of class, He was standing by the pool and slipped down, Luckily the coach was there, As soon as he reached out, he caught him up. Even the water did not choke. However, the child was already frightened, and he was incontinent at that time. After that, as long as he mentioned going swimming, he said his stomachache. Very not easy to persuade him to the swimming pool, as soon as he smelled the water, it became more serious, and his mother had to stop him from swimming. In the above two examples, the child’s headache and stomachache are real. Is it really painful or fake? What should I do? Perhaps pain is not the most accurate expression, but for children, all afflictions are pain. Careful parents can tell the real pain from the fake pain. What about fake pain? Treat fake pain, Of course there is no compromise, Otherwise, it will become a long-term excuse for children. Parents should be patient in communicating with their children. Why do you make excuses to avoid what you should do? And teach children to express their thoughts or objections directly and positively to their parents. In fact, If children like to use the excuse of headache and stomachache to avoid, it also shows that children are lacking in expressing their opinions. This may be due to children’s expression problems, or parents may not give children enough space and encouragement to express themselves. What if it really hurts? For the real pain, Parents must pay attention to it. Parents should not simply deal with headache or stomachache, But to link the pain with the recent stressful and stimulating events that have occurred to children. Consider whether the child has confusion, fear or sadness. Pain is a somatic reaction caused by these internal psychological processes and emotional changes. Refer to the false pain above. Parents should have enough wisdom and insight to guess the reason, or encourage their children to express themselves frankly. If parents can accurately understand their children’s problems, they should communicate and solve them in time. If they cannot solve them, they should seek professional psychological counseling as soon as possible.