Doctors Talk about Weight Loss (4): Enjoy Weight Loss and Move

In the first three episodes, I introduced the causes, common misunderstandings and treatment principles of obesity. Today, let’s talk about exercise therapy for obesity.

When it comes to losing weight, I always think of a word: Obesity is a disease, It’s not fatal, The effective treatment is written there in black and white. It is not difficult to learn, However, it is far from easy to put it into practice. The most common scenario is: So-and-so aspires to lose weight, [Shut up and keep your legs open], After a few weeks, Finally, I can’t help the temptation of delicious food and the torture of sports. Then… it’s time to eat, it’s time to sleep. It’s human nature to indulge in words and enjoy ease and dislike work. Mark Twain once said: [Whenever I feel the urge to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.] Translation: [Whenever I feel the urge to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.] Do you have a sobering and refreshing feeling when you see this sentence before you get up? Are you going to put aside 3,000 worries and turn around and sleep for another five minutes? Unfortunately, that lump of fat cannot sleep off. To enjoy thinness, one must move!

First, the significance of sports

The significance of exercise for weight loss is not only to promote energy and fat consumption. Exercise can also regulate blood pressure, improve glucose and lipid metabolism and relieve a series of complications caused by obesity. Previous studies have found that, Exercise can significantly increase the amount and function of [Glucose Transporter-4] on skeletal muscle cell membrane, So as to promote glucose uptake by muscle cells and enhance insulin sensitivity. Therefore, After many obese patients with diabetes lose weight through exercise, Not only do you improve your body shape, but you can even stop taking hypoglycemic drugs and keep your blood sugar normal. Such encouraging examples are common. In addition, regular exercise habits are also helpful to maintain a good state of mind and can reduce the anxiety and depression that are common to obese people. Do you think fat people who are exercising are happier and more pleasing?

II. Sports Mode

There are many ways to exercise, If the aim is simply to lose weight, Advocating moderate intensity exercise with long duration, However, it does not advocate high-intensity strenuous exercise (except for those who want to do bodybuilding and fishing line training incidentally). Recommended sports include: Fast walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing, etc. The so-called [moderate intensity], It refers to the degree of energy consumption in exercise. Men 4.8 ~ 7.0 kcal/minute and women 3.3 ~ 5.1 kcal/minute. Today, Equipment such as bracelets and pedometers have become very popular. These data can be displayed in real time, and it is not troublesome for everyone to operate. The so-called [long time] means that the daily exercise time should last for more than 30 minutes and gradually extend to 60 minutes or even longer. This does not require that the exercise must be continuous, and the total time of each exercise can be accumulated, but the time of a single exercise is preferably not less than 10 minutes.

III. Frequency of Exercise

The best exercise frequency is, of course, to stick to daily exercise, but it doesn’t matter if there are occasional intervals. Generally speaking, if the exercise interval exceeds 3-4 days, the previous exercise effect and its accumulation effect will be weakened.

IV. Sports Plan

It is especially important to make an effective exercise plan. In order to lose weight, Many people go to the fitness center to sign up and pay the annual fee as soon as their minds get hot, I won’t talk about what happened later, It was full of endless diaosi tears. Therefore, Exercise plans need to be scientific, effective, It should be simpler and easier to implement. One point should be emphasized: [Little is better than nothing.] It’s better than not moving. Many people are really busy, There is really no time to exercise. This requires us to integrate sports consciousness into our daily life. Create as many sports opportunities as possible, For example, you may as well walk or ride a bicycle when traveling for a short distance. If you travel by car, you can get off one kilometer in advance and walk. You can take more stairs and less elevators below the fifth floor. You can even interspersed some indoor gymnastics or housework in the process of reading books and playing computer. Of course, Exercise should be moderate. For those real men and women who are extremely firm in will and strong in action, they must be reminded that the principle of exercise is gradual and orderly progress, safety first, and the amount and intensity of exercise must be gradually increased to prevent acute and chronic muscle and joint injuries. After exercise, there should also be relaxation activities to reduce the probability of muscle injury and soreness.

5. Exercise Prescription

The reason is too much, everyone must be tired of listening to it. The following example is an active atmosphere. A [half-month female ugly], 160 cm in height, currently weighs 66 kg, body mass index (BMI) 25.78, and the target weight is 60 kg, which is to be reached in half a year. Principle 1: Obesity has a standard, BMI below 24 don’t join in the fun, welcome to fitness shaping, but there is no need to deliberately [lose weight]. Principle 2: Weight loss speed should not be too fast, eager for success, it is easier to rebound.

We assign the target tasks to 6 kg per day, 6 kg per month, 1 kg per month and 0.25 kg per week, which is equivalent to about 270 kilocalories of energy deficit required per day, of which 150 kilocalories need to be consumed by exercise on the basis of daily activities.

Principle 3: The daily exercise amount can be calculated according to the weight loss target. For the energy that needs deficit, the combination of increasing exercise and controlling diet should be combined. 40%-60% should be realized by increasing physical activity, while the rest should be realized by reducing total calorie and fat intake.

The options are: walking fast for 30 minutes every day (speed 1000-1200 meters/10 minutes), swimming for 40 minutes (speed 20 meters/minute), cycling for 30 minutes (speed 15 kilometers/hour), etc.

Of course, the above calculation is far from accurate enough. It only outlines the outline of exercise prescription. But at least it can show that losing weight through exercise is not an impossible thing.

I think, no beautiful family like flowers is willing to go to the dark in the direction of the aunt because they really [don’t regret the narrowing of their clothes]. No young talent is willing to shy away from the general’s belly and reach a new high along the [three highs] road. Most people just don’t care too long. Just enjoy the moment. In fact, don’t take Mark Twain as your bosom friend. This guy also wrote a novel < > (the danger of lying in bed). He said: “A lot of statistics show that more people die in their beds than in the danger of riding.”

There is a saying: Why do you need to sleep for a long time when you are alive? You will sleep forever after you die. For the sake of health and beauty, get up quickly and exercise!

Author: Zhang Zheng