Double S diet, weight loss + blood pressure reduction is no longer a fairy tale.

Weight and health, must have the final say! -Zheng Yuanjie

At the age of 60, fairy tale king-writer Zheng Yuanjie shared with everyone his experience in losing weight and reducing blood pressure. He said that within 6 months without using any drugs, his weight dropped from 96 kg to 78 kg and his blood pressure dropped from 180 to the normal range. This is due to his consistent exercise and reasonable diet.

Hypertension is a problem for many middle-aged and elderly people, and gradually there is a trend towards younger age. People with high weight are more likely to suffer from hypertension than people with standard weight.

Weight control is the first step to health.

The key is to eat less after noon.

Note that it is [eat less after noon], not [don’t eat after noon].

You can eat less dinner, but you can’t help it. Omission of dinner, breakfast and lunch to eat too much will increase the pressure on digestive organs such as gastrointestinal tract and pancreas. If breakfast and lunch are normally eaten without dinner, then you will be in a state of gastric emptying for at least 12 hours, with insufficient energy supply, listlessness, physical decline and possible hypoglycemia.

Smart diet, a bite is also a lot to eat, but to reasonable distribution of three meals. Many people are in a hurry in the morning, noon outside, accustomed to a good meal at night. According to the energy intake of a day, the distribution ratio of three meals is often 3: 3: 4 or even 2: 3: 5. And more reasonable diet arrangements, recommended 4: 3: 3, or 4: 4: 2: 4: 2.

Dinner time is best before 7 pm and don’t eat 2 ~ 3 hours before going to bed.

Key 2 [Post Pig] Appetite

Hold the appetite, 60% full.

Is 60% full a what feeling? That is to say, the feeling of hunger has basically disappeared at this time, but there is still a relatively obvious appetite. I still want to eat more. If I remove the food in front of me, I will feel a little nostalgic. When eating, try to stop at this time and stop eating again.

If you have obvious hunger after 2-3 hours, such as about 10: 00 a.m. and 3: 00 p.m., you can eat some healthy extra meals properly.

[One of the most effective ways for me to eat less after noon and lose weight is to resolutely refrain from attending any dinner in the evening.]

[Friends’ Dinner Is a Test of Weight Loss Will]

[After the award was given, everyone had dinner. I only drank tea. I have set myself a quota that chopsticks can only move 10 times. In fact, in 4 hours, I only moved my chopsticks 8 times]

Zheng Yuanjie once wrote.

Key Three Bus Walking

Since he made up his mind to lose weight, Zheng Yuanjie has given up his private car and taken the bus and subway instead. The daily walking volume has naturally increased. Gradually, as long as I am free, I will think about exercising, walking, playing ball games, running and swimming. When I am physically fit, I will also increase the amount of exercise.

How much exercise is appropriate? Suggest 5 times a week, each time at least half an hour, plus warm-up and relaxation time, a total of 40 ~ 45 minutes. Of course, if you can exercise for 1 hour, the effect will be better. For the middle-aged and elderly, we should pay attention to do what we can, step by step, and pay attention to sports safety.

Key Four Double S Diet

Double S refers to vegetables and potatoes. In fact, it is very simple, that is, eat as many vegetables as possible and replace white rice and flour staple food with potatoes.

[Zheng’s Vegetable Rice] [Zheng’s Vegetable Noodles] is a daily diet that Zheng Yuanjie and his family have been sticking to. Vegetables are indispensable for three meals a day.

1. Eat more than 1 kg of vegetables every day,

In particular, dark green leafy vegetables are rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium, as well as tomatoes, pumpkins, loofah, zucchini and other fruits and vegetables, which are very helpful to control blood pressure. Even the general healthy people, it is recommended to eat at least one kilo of vegetables every day, of which dark vegetables account for more than half.

2. Potato coarse grains replace refined white rice flour

Like sweet potato, purple potato, potato, yam, taro, Starch content is relatively high, and it is highly recommended that after simple steaming and cooking, it can replace white rice or refined pasta such as noodles and flour cakes as staple food. Potato has the advantages of large volume, rich dietary fiber content, high satiety, lower intake of calories than fine grains, and can effectively promote intestinal peristalsis. Moreover, potatoes are richer in mineral nutrition than fine grains.

3. Fish, poultry, eggs and milk should be well matched.

A light diet does not mean only clear porridge and cabbage. We must not neglect the necessary fish, meat, eggs, milk, nuts and coarse cereals in our diet to meet the overall and balanced nutrition.

Key Five Family Actions

Eat healthily and exercise actively with your family to create a more relaxed and happy family atmosphere.

Zheng Yuanjie’s 85-year-old father and mother have adhered to this healthy lifestyle all the year round. They are full of energy and keep writing.