Hair is dry and rough? Teach you 4 steps to improve your hair quality.

There is a lot of discussion on hair online:

-Long hair can absorb people’s nutrition?

Yellow hair and slow growth is a disease?

Each has its own statement and each has its own reason. Have you already looked puzzled and forced, is that statement true? What if the hair is dry and rough?

Don’t panic, if you have any physical problems, ask Dr. Clove. Dr. Clove asked Dr. Zhang to help us solve our doubts.

Long hair does not absorb human nutrition.

I think bald heads will hear that long hair will absorb people’s nutrition. This kind of problem will:

Ha ha, I am bald and proud. I save food for the country.

Each hair consists of hair follicles, hair roots and hair stems. When we say hair length, we mean hair stem length.

Dry hair is a dead cell that has no metabolism and does not consume nutrition.

Only hair follicles consume nutrition during metabolism, and other parts of hair do not consume nutrition.

The metabolism of hair follicles is going on all the time, which has nothing to do with the length of your hair. Besides, the nutrition consumed by hair follicles only accounts for a very small part of the nutrition needed by the human body.

If you have to say that it is not good to have what in your hair, it is:

Wasting shampoo makes it difficult to wash and dry.

Ouch, did you breathe a sigh of relief after hearing this?

Yellow hair and slow growth are not diseases.

The color of hair is related to the pigment contained in hair follicles and is determined by human genes, just like the skin color of human beings.

If the hair is originally black and turns yellow one day, it should attract attention and it is best to consult a doctor.

The speed of hair growth is related to gender, age and season.

Women grow faster than men; 15 ~ 30 years old grow faster. Hair grows fastest in March and slowest in September every year.

In addition, the growth of hair is regulated by endocrine, and some endocrine diseases will affect the growth of hair. If the hair grows abnormally and has other discomfort at the same time, you should see a doctor.

Some scientists are also studying the relationship between hair and diseases, trying to detect and diagnose diseases at an early stage by detecting some trace elements in hair, such as autism, cancer, hypertension, myocardial infarction, kidney diseases and diabetes.

However, these scientists are still exploring and researching and have not been generally recognized by the scientific community.

Four Ways to Deal with Dry and Rough Hair

STEP 1 Be gentle with your hair

At ordinary times, in the process of washing hair, blowing hair and combing hair, baby skin care should be given to hair, with gentle movements and refusal of violence.

Step 2 Use the hair dryer correctly

Most people blow hard with a hair dryer as soon as they wash their heads, which will damage their hair.

If you have time, let your hair dry naturally. Even if you want to use a hair dryer, you’d better choose a low temperature or cold air gear and keep a certain distance, 20 ~ 30cm.

3. Pay attention to the use of conditioner

Some studies have shown that only shampoo can not repair the damaged hair well. The use of regular hair care products can minimize the damage to hair caused by external stimuli.

4. Stay away from some hazardous factors

Perm, hair dyeing, bleaching and other behaviors have obvious damage to hair, and people with poor hair quality should avoid it as much as possible.

Do you understand everything? Long beautiful hair.

Treat your long hair and waist… The male god has become the father of other people’s children.

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