When losing weight, you always can’t keep your mouth shut? Teach you 7 tips

Many friends know that losing weight means eating less and moving more, and keeping your mouth shut and your legs open, but why is it always difficult to stick to it? Why can’t you control your appetite whenever you see all kinds of attractive food?

Some psychologists and nutritionists have been trying various studies and found that there are at least seven crimes behind people’s easy eating and losing weight, all of which are related to the wrong use of pots and pans.

1. Large bowls let you eat more

Suggestion: Change small dishes and bowls.

Years of repeated research have found that people who use large plates and bowls are easy to contain and eat more food.

Scientists conducted a series of studies in cafeterias and found that people who used large plates filled themselves 52% more and ate 45% more than those who used small plates.

Even if these people who use large plates are given [pre-meal education] two hours in advance to remind them that large plates will mislead them to eat more food and eat more food, they still have twice as much food as small plates.

Hey hey, appetite is not something you can control if you want to control. Therefore, don’t try to resist this psychological effect, change small plates and bowls honestly!

2. Wide and short cups make you drink more

Suggestion: Change the tall and thin cup.

Wide and short cups are easy to make people drink more drinks.

In this experiment, people poured wine from different cups. The results showed that whether children, ordinary adults or bartenders with considerable experience in pouring wine, they were more inclined to pay attention to the height of the wine when pouring wine.

Those who hold wide and short cups will unconsciously pour more drinks and drinks.

3. Bags of snacks make you eat more

Suggestion: Buy only small bags and refuse [no increase in quantity].

The researchers gave the subjects five different packaging sizes of potato chips, ranging from 28 grams, 42 grams, 85 grams, 128 grams to 170 grams, to eat at will. The results showed that the larger the packaging of potato chips, the more people ate, and there was no obvious difference between men and women.

Then the experiment added a link, that is, to eat a dinner three hours after eating potato chips, so that they can eat at will. Finally, when calculating the total calories of snacks and dinners, the researchers found that the larger the package of potato chips, the higher the total calories the person consumed, that is, the more snacks he ate, the less dinner he ate.

Similar experiments found that whether it is sandwiches of different sizes, cheese macaroni of different portions, or beverages of different specifications, the result is: the larger the portion, the more you eat.

What if I really bought a big package? Then please repack the large package of food into small packages and eat only one small package at a time.

4. The cluttered rooms make you eat more

Suggestion: Losing weight should start with tidying up the room.

The experiment found that compared with a clean and tidy kitchen, people will eat 53 kilocalories more biscuits in a disorganized kitchen within 10 minutes.

The messy environment will make people nervous and have no sense of control, thus affecting people’s self-control over snacks.

Not only the kitchen, but also every room in the home should be kept clean and tidy, which can reduce your nervousness.

STEP 5 Close too early to make you eat more

Suggestion: Clean up the food waste on the dining table after the meal.

In one study, researchers invited volunteers to watch sports competitions and could also eat chicken wings and drink drinks free and unlimited.

There is a group of volunteers, their leftover chicken wing bones will be continuously cleaned by the waiter, the other group will not be cleaned, the remaining bones are piled up on the dinner plate until the end of the experiment.

The results showed that the people in the cleaning group ate 27.3% more chicken wings than those in the non-cleaning group.

The residue after eating food will remind us how much we have eaten and let us know that what should stop. Therefore, don’t be too diligent at this time.

6. Shelled nuts make you eat more

Suggestion: Choose nuts with shells.

Many people have the feeling that they cannot stop eating nuts.

Researchers tried to let a group of college students eat pistachios freely and found that people who ate pistachios with shells consumed 41% less energy than those who ate pure nuts without shells. The reason is similar to that of eating chicken wings. The shell left after eating nuts can actually remind us.

When we buy nut snacks, we will find that there are two types of snacks with shells and shelled ones. It is recommended to choose the ones with shells.

7. The same color of dinner plates and food will make you eat more.

Suggestion: According to different foods, choose tableware with strong color contrast.

If the color of the plate is the same as that of the food, you will give yourself 18% more because you can’t see where the edge of the food is, and most people tend to eat all the food in the plate and bowl.

Improving the color contrast between food and tableware can rationally control appetite. For example, eating white rice and noodles in a black bowl is a wise choice.