Home Taste Green Bean: High Protein, High Calcium, Healthy Appetizer

At the turn of spring and summer, the weather is getting warmer and warmer. Change into light spring clothes, set up low tables and stoves outside, and set up charcoal stoves to announce the beginning of summer enjoyment of drinking draft beer and barbecue. However, draft beer and barbecue are not very healthy, so eat less!

However, a touch of green in this wine and dish is a fresh gift for us this season-hairy beans. Although the fluffy pods are ugly in appearance, after peeling off, the crisp and tender green beans will make people salivate and move their index fingers like the stomachs of the whole summer.

Green beans? Green beans? Tell me clearly!

The younger generation, especially those who grew up in reinforced concrete forests, does not necessarily refer to deer as horses, but it is indeed possible to divide grain into grain.

They may not know at all that green, crisp and raw green beans are actually a kind of thing, compared with dry soybeans that need to be soaked for a day and a night to squeeze soybean milk, and soybeans that are squeezed into oil to make feed (or they may not know that soybeans can be made into feed after squeezing oil).

Therefore, when eating and chatting with the younger generation, there is another item to talk about. It would be even better if one could think hard and recall the years when one could not eat rice flour and lived on soybeans.

Green beans, green beans, soybeans, soybeans, black beans, so many names actually refer to the same thing, but the degree of maturity is different, or the color of seed coat has changed. Of course, in the process of seed selection and breeding in modern agriculture, for specific purposes, some screening will also be made to cultivate some varieties specially used as green beans.

Snacks can also be very healthy

Green beans have been cultivated for thousands of years and are also one of the essential ingredients in people’s daily life. Every time fresh green beans are put on the market, they are bought and cooked with water and a small amount of seasoning and spices, and become an extremely healthy snack or appetizer.

The nutritional composition of green beans is also very comprehensive and rich. Every 100g of green beans contains about 13g of protein (the proportion is even close to that of eggs) and 135 mg of calcium, which is very considerable. At the same time, green beans also contain a lot of potassium and other essential metal elements, dietary fiber and vitamins.

Diabetics worry about rising blood sugar in their daily diet, so they can replace some staple foods with green beans and other beans. These beans raise blood sugar at a relatively slow rate, which is conducive to keeping blood sugar stable for diabetics.

Gout patients may often hear the saying [eat less soybean and bean products]. The purine content of soybean is indeed relatively high in vegetarian diet, but the water content in hairy beans is relatively high, and the purine content in 100g hairy beans is about 27mg. Gout patients can also eat it appropriately.

Can’t soybean genetically modified be eaten? Soybean has estrogen to eat can get breast cancer?

It is said that all the soybeans sold on the market are genetically modified. Can you eat them? In fact, this kind of worry is unnecessary. Worldwide, the cultivation and consumption of genetically modified soybeans are very common, and there is no evidence of harm to human body. Moreover, in China, only soybean oil is allowed to use genetically modified soybeans, and the green beans and soybeans planted and sold are all non-genetically modified.

Mao Dou (soybean) does contain soybean isoflavone, which is a bit like estrogen in human body and can slightly make up for the deficiency of climacteric estrogen. According to the general consumption, it will not cause cancer.

For more health guidelines on soybean estrogen, click here to view > > Bean products cause breast cancer? [Phytoestrogen] Is it a scourge?

Delicious Green Bean Recipe

Add water and salt to cook it and it is delicious. You can also add any spice such as Zanthoxylum bungeanum and anise according to your personal taste. Is that as simple as that? Do you want what recipes?

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