How can braised pork be eaten healthier?

In China, braised pork is a very common family food, At the holidays, There must be no shortage of parties in every family. Although it is not one’s patent to like braised pork, However, the love of some historical celebrities for braised pork is quite interesting. First of all, let’s talk about Su Dongpo. Su Dongpo likes braised pork very much. He also wrote a “stew song”. He was once demoted to Huangzhou and faced layoffs at any time. In Huangzhou, Far from the capital, It is estimated that life is also relatively leisurely, During this period of time, He often cooks braised meat, Not only do you eat it yourself, It is also made for friends and servants around you. People generally think it is delicious, It also gave a resounding name [Dongpo Pork]. It is said that Mao Zedong also likes to eat braised pork. There is also a Hunan dish in China-Mao Shi braised pork is named after Mao Zedong’s love of eating. It is said that Mao Zedong won the battle when he moved to northern Shaanxi. All he expected was a bowl of braised pork. Later, He is to have braised pork every meal. If there are friends who pay attention to the network news, they must know that the [stupid braised pork] made by a real estate tycoon was also the talk of people after dinner. Recently, flying Liu Xiang divorced, and there are rumors that this is related to braised pork. Why is braised pork so attractive? How to eat braised pork healthier? Is braised pork healthy? Everyone must have an elder who likes, even loves, braised pork. Although we know more or less that greasy food such as braised pork cannot be eaten more, why? How to persuade elders to eat less? According to the data from China’s Food Composition Table, the average fat content of pork is 37% and the protein content is 13.2%, while the fat content of fat meat is as high as 88.6% and the protein content is only 2.4%. Fat meat is almost all fat! Saturated Fat Blocks Blood Vessels Fat in Pork Another problem is that most of these fats are saturated fats. The amount of saturated fat usually accounts for more than 35% of the total fat, This is especially bad for elders with cardiovascular problems. Oxidized fat may cause cancer. During stewing, fat will oxidize, and fat oxidation will produce many polymers, many of which may cause cancer. Although the final dish may not exceed the standard, it is not good for health in what. Why does everyone love braised meat? The love for braised meat may be rooted in genes. This high-energy love for braised meat is written into human instinct. In the process of human evolution, The most fundamental instinct is to pursue food. Most of the time, People are fighting for food and the environment. Apart from the fact that food was scarce, most ancient people ate wild vegetables and weeds. At the time of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, It is a luxury for most people to eat a meal of big fish and big meat every month. When many people were young, The family basically only eats meat once a month, Every time I eat meat, I am very happy. The living conditions in the back are better. The pleasure of eating meat has gradually faded away. For people who are short of food, It is instinct to pursue foods that can quickly replenish physical strength. Not only braised pork, Those high-energy foods are almost all people like, A lot of what people now call junk food, Such as hamburgers, sweet drinks, Most of them are high in sugar, fat, energy, It often arouses the desire deeply hidden in human nature. With the change of life state, Most of us no longer lack food or energy, Physical activity is also less and less, These high-energy foods are harmful to us. [Maillard Reaction] Causes trouble, The attractive aroma and smooth taste of braised pork are also the reasons why people like it. The attractive aroma of braised pork comes from a kind called [ Maillard reaction. Maillard reaction is a reaction between amino acids and sugar when heated, which produces brown color and many aroma substances. Pork has some proteins, When braised in soy sauce, Amino acids in proteins react with sugars, After braising in soy sauce, the meat produces an attractive yellowish brown color. With a fragrant aroma. When I was a child, Mom can smell it far away when she makes braised pork, Perhaps it is because the aroma of braised meat is unique. Apart from the attractive aroma, Many people also like the smooth taste of braised meat. Pure lean meat tastes harder, It can also plug your teeth, but braised pork is especially smooth. The smooth taste is mainly due to the effect of fat. Braised pork is rich in fat, which is crucial to the taste of food. Analysis of pork texture found that the higher the fat content, the more tender the meat quality, the better the elasticity, and the generally better the taste. How to eat braised pork healthier? Since there is no way to prohibit it, Only eat less and match with vegetables to eat a balanced diet. China’s resident diet pagoda recommends a total of 50-75g of livestock and poultry per day. The proportion of saturated fatty acids in adults does not exceed 10%, No more than 8 percent of children, And the patients with “three highs” should be even lower. For an adult who does light physical work, The proportion of saturated fatty acids does not exceed 10%, About 200 kilocalories, About 23 grams of saturated fat. And, People have to eat other foods, Inevitably, it also contains some saturated fat. So, If you like braised pork, You should also eat less, Preferably not more than 70 grams. That is, You can only eat a piece of braised pork the size of an egg at most every day. The so-called [food color also], The pursuit and enjoyment of delicious food is a great blessing in life. It is not necessary to abandon it completely because of health. Although braised pork is not absolutely healthy food, But it is OK to have a bite offering occasionally. Not only braised pork, All the ingredients with the perfect combination of fat and meat, include fat beef, barbecued pork, sweet and sour meat, roast duck, roasted goose, It’s all the same. Different ingredients, The fat content varies slightly, but it is better not to exceed 70g. The best way to eat braised pork healthily is to eat a balanced diet. For example, after eating braised pork, remember to reduce other saturated fats and high-calorie foods in the diet, and eat more vegetables and fruits appropriately, which can also better keep healthy.