I can’t sleep? Try these methods!

Experts at Mayo Medical Center in the United States said that Many patients have sleep disorders such as difficulty in falling asleep and easy awakening, This will lead to daytime fatigue, inattention, emotional instability and other problems. Among his patients, Many people have taken over-the-counter or even prescription sleep aids, But the effect is not very satisfactory. Sleeping aid drugs can indeed help sleep in the short term, But getting into good sleep habits is the key to solving this problem. [Sleep Hygiene] is a word used to describe good sleep habits. Experts believe that the key points to develop good sleep habits include the following: Form a regular schedule and rest the following behaviors can help improve your sleep quality: No matter working days or holidays, you should sleep and get up regularly and regularly every day. You can take a nap, but the time must not be too long. Do you want to know that how is the right nap? Please click [take a nap for a while, but it will make you more sleepy? ]; Stay away from caffeine, nicotine and alcohol; Schedule exercise for at least 4 to 6 hours before going to bed. Listen to the body’s feelings and the body will tell itself. It wants to rest when it is what. Don’t force it, you will know when you are tired, for example, your eyelids will be heavy. When you receive these body signals, go to rest again, and don’t have to wait anxiously in bed for sleepiness to hit. When you can’t sleep, don’t toss and turn in bed. Even counting sheep at this time is usually of no help. Don’t always look at your watch. Frequent time reading will only make people more anxious and sober. You can do this: get up and do all the boring things, such as reading the phone number book. Try changing a darker light bulb. Too bright light (such as computer, TV and mobile phone screens) will affect sleep. Let the bedroom be just a bedroom. Please make sure your bed is only a place to sleep and do things related to sleep. Don’t eat in bed, Watching TV, Computer office, etc. In addition, You need to keep your bedroom quiet and tidy, Maintain a proper temperature. For some people, Lavender fragrance, It may have some sleep-helping effect. Others will think that white noise (similar to the rustling static electricity noise heard when tuning the radio station) can make people quiet. Record your sleep. If you still fail to sleep well after trying the above suggestions, Try taking sleep notes for a week or two to help doctors better understand your problems. There are ready-made forms of such notes online, or you can draw them yourself. Just keep a simple record: when you sleep, when you get up, how many times you wake up at night and why, etc.