In addition to gout, there are diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia?

The “three villains” who collaborate with gout-diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia. Like gout, Both belong to the disease of living habits. Once you get into trouble with one of the [wicked people], several other [bad brothers] will often quietly approach you. If you diagnose gout and find that you still have other [bad brothers] hidden in your body, what should you do while suffering?

Gout combined with diabetes, how to do?

Gout and diabetes are both metabolic diseases. They often accompany and influence each other, and are also the main culprits that further lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

It is precisely because there are many similarities between type 2 diabetes and gout in their occurrence and development that when gout patients suffer from diabetes at the same time, they need reasonable diet control and moderate exercise to lose weight and change their unhealthy lifestyle.

However, in the treatment of drugs, in general, the use of drugs for diabetes generally does not cause acute attacks of gouty arthritis.

In addition to a low purine diet, friends with diabetes should also pay attention to:

  1. Reasonable arrangement of carbohydrate, fat, protein and other nutrients, to achieve a scientific and balanced diet.

  2. A small number of meals, not less than three meals a day, eat to chew slowly.

  3. High fiber diet is conducive to the drop of blood sugar and smooth stool.

  4. Eat a light diet, eat less sugar and salt.

  5. Drink less and do not smoke.

Gout combined with hypertension, how to do?

Hypertension is another disease accompanied by gout. Patients with gout complicated with hypertension also need [both hands should be grasped, both hands should be hard], and active antihypertensive treatment should be carried out while controlling blood uric acid.

When choosing antihypertensive drugs, please tell your doctor that you have gout. In this way, the doctor will choose drugs that have little effect on uric acid according to the characteristics of the disease. At the same time, the patient should also check the uric acid level regularly according to the doctor’s requirements.

For gout patients with hypertension, the most important point in diet is:

The diet should be light and not too salty. A large number of epidemiological and clinical trials have found that sodium intake is positively correlated with blood pressure. In other words, the more salt you eat, the higher your blood pressure will be.

Gout combined with hyperlipidemia, how to do?

Hyperlipidemia is also a disaster caused by bad living habits. The treatment principle of gout complicated with hyperlipidemia is still diet control and reasonable exercise. On the basis of these two, when hyperlipidemia still does not improve, it is necessary to consider adding lipid-lowering drugs for treatment.

For patients with hyperlipidemia, the overall principle is to eat reasonably, quit smoking and drinking, and avoid overeating.

Hyperlipidemia is closely related to diet. The accumulation of body fat and the source of some lipids mainly come from diet. Only a part of lipids are synthesized in the body, which is called endogenous lipids. Controlling diet is very important for the prevention and treatment of hyperlipidemia.

The diet is light and vegetarian. It is advisable to limit high-fat and high-cholesterol diets, such as animal brain marrow, egg yolk, chicken liver, butter, etc. However, long-term vegetarian or completely vegetarian diet is not recommended, otherwise the diet is not perfect, which may backfire and cause endogenous cholesterol increase.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Jingyuan