Is it reliable to exercise thin waist for ten minutes?

[A4 waist] was once popular on the Internet, claiming to be [the real standard for testing thin waist].

So many girls began to sit-ups every day in order to slim their waists.

Waist, how thin should I be? Is the “ten-minute waist slimming exercise” circulated online reliable?

Waist, why are you so thick?

Let’s talk about how you hated the thick waist first.

Generally speaking, due to congenital and acquired influences, there are three reasons for visual [thick waist] [large belly]:

1. Proportion

Whether the waist is long or short refers to the distance between the waist line and the buttocks, which will directly affect the visual effect of waist thickness.

Step 2: Too much muscle

Too much muscle means that the abdominal muscles are too large and affect the body shape. However, abdominal muscles are one of the most difficult muscles to grow in the human body, which usually only occurs in professional bodybuilders.

Step 3: Excessive fat

For ordinary people, the main culprits causing more than 99% of [thick waists] are fat, fat and fat.

Skinny [beer belly], how thin?

In addition to subcutaneous fat, the human body also has visceral fat-compared with subcutaneous fat, visceral fat exceeds the standard, which is more likely to lead to the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Unhealthy lifestyles, such as high sugar intake, sedentary sitting and excessive consumption of fine carbohydrate, can lead to the accumulation of visceral fat. Many people are thin but have disproportionate [beer bellies], which is also the reason for most of them.

The most effective way to eliminate visceral fat is high-intensity exercise-such as gym equipment exercise, high-intensity aerobic exercise, and intermittent exercise (HIIT). These are easier to eliminate visceral fat directionally than mild aerobic exercise, such as walking and brisk walking.

Sit-ups, can you slim your waist?

Many people mention thin waist, the first reaction is [sit-ups every day].

Just imagine: Exercising chest muscles can make the chest bigger; Then exercise abdominal muscles, with what will make the abdomen shrink?

Just doing sit-ups or other abdominal muscle training exercises, such as [abdominal muscle tearers], will not help you slim your waist: the effect on consuming energy and losing fat is very limited, and it strengthens your muscles.

There is no kind of exercise in this world that can play the role of [local fat reduction]. The only thing you can do to reduce waist and abdomen fat is to complete the whole body fat reduction first.

Is it really useful?

Most of the “waist shrinking exercises” circulated on the Internet are aimed at the training of the “transverse abdominal muscle”-due to its deep position, the traditional abdominal muscle exercises cannot be aimed at this muscle.

This training method is not new either. It originated from the method of vacuum suction used by some bodybuilders (such as Schwarzenegger) to reduce waist circumference in the 1970s. The operation method is: standing or kneeling, the spine bending naturally, exhaling, the abdomen slowly approaching the spine, and keeping it in a group until [exhausted].

For those who do not have the habit of exercising, exercising the transverse abdominal muscle can indeed reduce a part of waist circumference at the initial stage.

On the basis of combined exercise and diet, in addition to transverse abdominal muscle exercises, you can also try to carry out flat support and hip bridge training on [unstable plane], such as balance ball. Research shows that this kind of training can stimulate the muscle groups deep in the abdomen more than traditional training methods.