Smoked vinegar sterilization, weight loss with vinegar, blood pressure reduction with vinegar drinking, cancer prevention, health care… Are these statements about vinegar true?

Vinegar has always wanted to quietly make a simple condiment to remove fishy smell, relieve greasy smell, enhance fragrance, or make dishes more refreshing and appetizing. However, it is always endowed with various effects and functions. Sometimes, vinegar also feels embarrassed and responsible.

Are those statements about vinegar accurate?

Fish bones jam throat, use vinegar to solve?

When the fish bone gets stuck in the throat, some people will try to drink vinegar, try to soften the fish bone, and also wash the fish bone down with vinegar by the way.

On the one hand, vinegar is not enough to soften fish bones, and the effect of directly soaking a thorn in vinegar is not obvious, let alone scouring fish bones one after another? Before the thorn softened, he poured a full stomach of sour water.

On the other hand, blindly taking down the fish bones by drinking vinegar may make the fish bones deeper due to repeated swallowing actions.

Can’t gout patients drink vinegar?

One of the major characteristics of vinegar is acid, and its pH value is indeed less than 7. Gout patients are suffering from too much [acid], should vinegar be avoided?

The main component of vinegar is acetic acid, which will undergo a series of reactions after entering the body, eventually producing carbon dioxide and water, without increasing the acidity of blood. Moreover, acetic acid and uric acid, the culprit of gout, are not the same thing.

Gout patients can rest assured to be jealous.

However, it is necessary to avoid taking it with alkaline drugs such as sodium bicarbonate.

Can white vinegar fumigation kill bacteria?

Viruses and bacteria in the air are not sensitive to acidic environment. There have been experiments to observe whether fumigated vinegar in confined spaces can reduce the number of bacterial colonies. The results are:

Fumigated vinegar will not play an obvious role in disinfection and sterilization.

The most direct way to reduce indoor air bacteria and viruses may still be to open windows for ventilation (when the air quality is good).

Fumigated vinegar can also stimulate respiratory tract mucosa. Sensitive children, the elderly and people with asthma history are likely to induce respiratory diseases.

Can vinegar soften blood vessels and reduce blood lipid?

This statement originated from some animal experiments and epidemiological investigations more than 10 years ago.

However, there is no excellent experimental data, which can strongly support the claim that drinking vinegar can reduce blood lipid and soften blood vessels.

These studies are very preliminary in themselves, and their value mainly lies in attracting people to carry out further research. However, after so many years, no more and more reliable experimental results have been published, so this efficacy is still in doubt.

Not to say that drinking vinegar is not good, but to remind us not to delay taking blood lipid-lowering drugs.

Can vinegar soak black beans and vinegar soak peanuts reduce blood pressure?

Black beans and peanuts are both good foods. Black beans are rich in vegetable protein, dietary fiber and many trace elements, which are very good sources of vegetable protein. Peanuts contain unsaturated fatty acids and are also good snacks.

However, there is no need to eat either of them without soaking in vinegar. The statement that soaking in vinegar to eat antihypertensive is even more groundless and groundless.

If you think it tastes good, you can eat it as a snack, but don’t place any hope of lowering blood pressure by this method.

Those who should use antihypertensive drugs must also take the drugs on time and according to the amount.

Can vinegar prevent cancer?

The conclusions of relevant experiments are not consistent and need more and more detailed research to prove it.

For example, a 2003 study in China showed that drinking vinegar can reduce the incidence of esophageal cancer, but its anti-cancer effect is similar to eating vegetables and beans. However, a similar study abroad in 2004 showed that drinking vinegar can increase the risk of bladder cancer by 4.4 times.

These experiments are basically in vitro cell experiments, animal experiments or epidemiological investigations, and the sample size of a very small number of human clinical experiments is also very small.

In the field of scientific research, such research is called [preliminary research], and its conclusion is for reference only and still needs further confirmation.

Those who promise [to drink vinegar to prevent cancer] are not reliable.

Is health vinegar useful?

When propagandizing vinegar’s health care effect, the rhetoric is often [containing XX kinds of micronutrients needed by human body], so [it has great nutritional value] and [magical health care effect].

On the one hand, [how many nutrients are contained] is a correct nonsense. Any unpurified food contains countless nutrients.

On the other hand, what people need is not only [how many kinds], but also [how many quantities].

Apart from water and acetic acid, the concentration of other nutrients in vinegar is very low. Considering that the mouthful of vinegar drunk every day is more than 10 to 20 milliliters, the amount of nutrients is even less.

Can vinegar lose weight?

Search casually, there are also a lot of online statements about drinking vinegar to lose weight. [Drink vinegar before going to bed] [lose weight fruit vinegar] [vinegar soaking bananas]… There are many different opinions.

However, it has no effect.

People who want to lose weight are always [diligently] trying all kinds of ways to be lazy, but they are not willing to exercise more and keep their mouths shut.

One thousand these two vinegar drink down, feel refreshing appetizing, stretch arms and eat a big meal can do? (The great cause of losing weight has been hit hard again…)

Finally, I would like to emphasize three more points.

    Vinegar may react with some drugs. Don’t drink too much vinegar before and after taking the medicine. When friends with ulcers or heartburn symptoms, drink less vinegar to avoid aggravating the symptoms. High concentrations of vinegar may cause damage to teeth, oral cavity and throat, and are diluted to drink, or are better eaten in noodles and dishes.

Do you also hear what about vinegar? If you have doubts, leave a message in the comment area. Dr. Clove and other readers can distinguish the true from the false.