Diabetes Recipe West Lake Beef Soup

Thickening cooking is a great invention of the Chinese people. Thickening can make dishes glossy and shiny, which makes people have appetite at first sight, especially in restaurants and banquets. Moreover, the sauce inside is full of seasoning taste of the dishes and will be more rich.

However, the raw material for thickening is pure starch, which expands rapidly when heated with water and has a relatively high blood sugar reaction. Many friends will begin to struggle and dare not drink soup.

In fact, there is no need to worry so much. Unless the starch in the thickening is very thick, it is recommended to avoid eating it, reduce it, or rinse it with white water before eating it. Generally speaking, 2-3 grams of starch is enough for a soup thickening, and there will not be too much problem.

What if you really want to drink soup with thick taste?

Give you a little clever trick: use konjac flour rich in dietary fiber but without starch to replace starch. Konjac flour is diluted with water to make soup, which ensures the smooth taste of the soup, does not increase the heat burden, and has the function of stabilizing blood sugar. Classic soup soup such as West Lake Beef Soup can be tried according to this method.

Making Steps

Raw materials: beef 50g, tender tofu 50g, mushroom 50g, egg white 1 (about 40g), konjac flour 5g, sesame oil 5g; Salt, chicken essence, white pepper and coriander.

Detailed steps:

1. Cut beef, tender tofu and mushroom into cubes and cut coriander into sections; Prepare egg white;

2. Put the diced beef into a cold water pot, wash off the blood after the water is boiled, and fill out the beef;

3. Add water to the pan to boil again, and add diced tofu, diced mushroom and diced beef in turn; Boil and add appropriate amount of salt, chicken essence and white pepper.

4. Add konjac flour diluted soup hook [euryale sauce]; Add the scattered egg white and stir it quickly and evenly to form flocculent.

5. Take it out of the pot and put it into a small bowl. Sprinkle with coriander segments. You can drop some sesame oil as you like.

Nutrition Tips

1. Calories and nutrition

The West Lake beef soup has 185 kilocalories (9.2% of the recommended daily intake NRV, the same below) and contains 6.9 g (2.3%) of carbohydrate, 19.6 g (32.7%) of protein and 9.1 g (15.2%) of fat.

In addition, this West Lake beef soup contains vitamin A 3 micrograms of RE (retinol equivalent) (0.4%), vitamin B1 0.06 mg (4.0%), vitamin B2 0.25 mg (17.7%), vitamin C 1 mg (0.5%), calcium 98 mg (12.2%), iron 3.4 mg (22.5%), zinc 3.23 mg (21.6%), potassium 232 mg (11.6%), magnesium 35 mg (11.7%) and dietary fiber 3.0 g (12.1%).

This amount is more suitable for two people to share drinking.

2. It’s not bad to add some water shield!

Traditionally, there are only beef, eggs and mushrooms. In this practice, tender tofu is added to replace some beef, which enriches the types of food with high-quality protein sources, reduces the intake of saturated fat, and adds a more mellow and lubricating taste.

West Lake Beef Soup is a traditional famous dish in Hangzhou cuisine. It is named [West Lake] because it looks like ripples in the lake water. It can be used as a soup soup to moisten the throat and stimulate appetite before festive banquets, and it is also a common dish on ordinary family dining tables. It can be said that [the top can be high in the temple and the bottom can be low in the Jianghu].

On the occasion of the Spring Festival and the return of tourists, I would like to say another famous traditional Hangzhou dish in the [West Lake] series: West Lake Water Shield Soup.

As early as < Shi Shuo Xin Yu > >, there is an allusion to [Shuzhou soup and perch] [Shuzhou perch thinking]. It is said that Han Zhang, a Hangzhou native, was originally an official in Luoyang. Because he missed his hometown, especially the delicious water shield soup and perch in his hometown, he resolutely resigned and returned to his hometown: [Life is expensive and forgetful. How can he keep officials for thousands of miles to MG? Since then, it has been a good story.

However, Brasenia schreberi belongs to autumn delicacy and can be replaced by spinach, which is common in all seasons. If beef soup and Brasenia schreberi soup are combined into one, beef and tofu can be slightly reduced. Is it not a delicious choice that skillfully increases vegetable intake and further helps control blood sugar?