Eating fruit like this every day can actually reduce coronary heart disease.

Friends who pay close attention to Dr. Clove all know that Dr. Clove advises everyone to eat fruit every day, but the benefits of eating fruit are unreliable.


That’s what scientists say

Just a few days ago, the world’s top authoritative medical journal, the New England Journal of Medicine, published a research paper jointly completed by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Oxford University.

Scientists followed 510,000 people, aged between 30 and 79, covering both urban and rural areas. The conclusion was as follows:

1. People who eat more fruits have lower blood pressure and blood sugar.

2. Compared with people who do not eat fruit every day, the death rate from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is reduced by 40%, and the death rate from coronary artery diseases is reduced by 34%.

Professor Li Liming of Peking University said: If Chinese eat fresh fruits every day, the number of deaths from cardiovascular diseases can be reduced by about 500,000.

This is the right way to eat fruit.