How to make dessert for children, yet delicious and healthy?

Modern people like dessert very much. Both old people and children love the taste of happiness.

However, sugar, salt, butter, cream, cheese… Many baking materials are unhealthy to eat too much, which can be described as a combination of delicious food and evil.

When the baby at home wants dessert, mothers don’t want their children to eat those sweet and greasy ones outside, so they may as well try to do it themselves. If we start from the raw materials and find suitable substitutes, we can make the baby eat delicious and healthy.

Throw away unhealthy sugar, you can…

Without sugar, dessert would lose its most attractive taste?

Don’t worry, you can replace all or part of ordinary granulated sugar with the following ingredients, which can not only improve the nutritional value, but also enable your baby to taste dessert with a more hierarchical taste.

1. Dried fruit with relatively high sugar content

For example, raisins, dried cranberries, dried blueberries, red dates, date palms, etc.

Chopped dried fruits are especially suitable for making beautiful cookies and muffin cakes. Compared with granulated sugar, they have more pectin and minerals, and anthocyanins in dark dried fruits also have good antioxidant effect.

2. Fruits with high sugar content

Such as ripe bananas and roasted peaches, apples, pears, etc.

After the fruit is baked, the water will evaporate, the sugar will concentrate, the sweetness will be more prominent, and the fruit aroma will be added. Using it instead of sugar to make dessert can bring different flavor to the baby.

3. Sweet Vegetables

Such as pumpkins, carrots, etc.

Steam them, make them into mud, knead them into flour, and then reduce most of the amount of granulated sugar to make soft bread or pie. In addition, carotenoids, vitamin A and dietary fiber are also eaten incidentally.

Step 4: Sugar Replacement

Such as sucralose, xylitol, aspartame, stevioside, etc.

These sugar substitutes (i.e. Sweeteners) are generally more suitable for making biscuits and cakes, but not for bread. Xylitol and sucrose have similar sweetness, are more commonly used, and the dosage is better controlled. The sweetness of the other three kinds is very high. It should be noted that only a small amount can produce a strong sweetness.

A precious mother asked, if it is so sweet, will it be harmful to the baby’s health? As long as you don’t eat ten cakes per meal, eat them every day, but only occasionally, these are all food additives that can be safely added after safety assessment.

Ordinary flour can be replaced by…

We often advocate eating less refined white rice and white flour. Most ordinary baked goods are easy to lay down their guns. To make children eat healthier and get more nutrition, there are several choices:

1. Whole grain flour

Such as oat flour, corn flour, whole wheat flour, etc.

Whole grain flour better retains vitamin B and dietary fiber. The prepared snacks will taste slightly coarser and chewy.

Warm Tips:

When making cute biscuits, cakes or pies, you can completely replace ordinary flour. When baking bread, it is recommended to replace ordinary flour only partially, otherwise the dough will not wake up easily and the baked bread may be as hard as a brick.

2. Potato and Starch Beans

Such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, taro, kidney beans, chickpeas, etc.

One characteristic of these ingredients is that the starch content is not low. Potato is steamed, peeled and mashed, and beans are thoroughly cooked and boiled to form bean paste after soaking. It is a good choice. It can be combined with flour to form special dough or replace stuffing.

Step 3: Cauliflower

What? Can cauliflower, which is usually used to stir-fry cauliflower in a dry pan, be mixed into the baking ring?

In fact, broccoli is well mixed in the [flour-free baking] circle abroad. Steaming and breaking broccoli, as the bottom of baby’s favorite pizza or salty pie, properly reduces calories and properly increases dietary fiber.

Butter is too greasy, can be replaced by…

The main function of butter is to bring soft and moist texture. However, eating too much saturated fat always worries people. What about what?

1. Vegetable oils

Olive oil and rapeseed oil can basically replace butter, and biscuits baked with vegetable oil will be lighter in texture.

2. Bean curd or bean dregs

Did you get a little shock again?

Yes, soy is greasy, and there are also some in tofu and bean dregs. If tofu or bean dregs are steamed and mixed with flour, they will not only have no beany smell, but also create a good oily taste like butter. For example, when making brownies, you may as well give it a try.

Throw away the cream and cheese and use these

1. Greek Yogurt

It is not yogurt produced in Greece, but a thicker yogurt that filters out whey.

Thick Greek yogurt can perfectly replace the whipped light cream as the filling in puffs or the surface decoration of cakes that babies like to eat. When making cheese cakes, mothers can also partially replace cream cheese with Greek yogurt.

Home-made Greek Yogurt:

Pour ordinary yogurt into a steamer or flour sieve covered with gauze or kitchen paper, and catch the filtered whey in a bowl at the bottom. In this way, after filtering in the refrigerator for one night, the upper part is Greek yogurt, and the filtered whey can also be used to make bread.

2. Unalkalized sugar-free cocoa powder

Almost all chocolate in the formula can be replaced by sugar-free cocoa powder. Sugar-free chocolate has certain health benefits, and many antioxidant ingredients are found in cocoa powder.

Cereal Fruit Yogurt Tart Recipe

Having said so much, at the end of this article, I would like to share with Baoma a common recipe for healthy dessert.


1 cup baked ready-to-eat oatmeal

1 ripe banana

1 cup of homemade Greek yogurt

Appropriate amount of fresh fruit


1. Mix oatmeal and banana well, spread on the bottom of the mold, bake at 150 degrees for 10 minutes, and set as tart bottom.

2. Spread Greek yogurt and sprinkle fresh fruit grains.

Finally, I would like to emphasize that even desserts made of these relatively healthy ingredients should not be eaten by the baby, which will affect the normal eating.