Is cycling a good way to exercise?

More and more people no longer regard bicycles as simple means of transportation, but as sports.

Compared with running and jumping exercises, cycling has much less impact on the knee joint, which is very suitable for overweight fat friends and friends with knee joint injuries. (Bicycles are also commonly used tools for knee joint postoperative rehabilitation)

Then the question arises, is the effect of losing weight by cycling really good? It seems that some people have not lost weight… … …

Do you want to lose weight, cycling or running?

Many people may think that the weight loss effect of cycling should be quite poor.

You see, I didn’t sweat after riding for half a day. It feels so relaxed to ride a bicycle. I haven’t felt tired for more than an hour. …….

We often say that sports that can be adhered to are good sports.

It is easy to stick to cycling, which is a great advantage, and this is thanks to the inertia of the car, which gives you a lot of help and saves some energy.

However, it is either not to sweat or to exercise less. Less sweat is probably just the wind blowing and it dries itself.)

Cycling, like running, is also a good aerobic exercise.

Let’s make a simple analogy:

    If you ride at a speed of 22km/h, it is about equivalent to jogging at a speed of 8km/h. If the speed is below 10km/h, it is basically similar to the walking intensity.

Did you find it? Don’t ask whether cycling or running has a good weight loss effect. Cycling and running are the same. The faster you speed, the longer the time and the higher the intensity, the greater the energy consumption and the better the effect.

If you want to have a good cycling effect, it is recommended that you should try your best to reach a moderate or above intensity (almost the level where you can feel slight asthma); Ride for not less than 30 minutes a day and not less than 5 days a week.

For most people, this requirement is not difficult. Basically, cycling to work and off work can be achieved by riding a little faster.

If you don’t think the amount of exercise is enough, you can also take long-distance cycling or cross-country with relatives and friends on weekends.

You need to choose the right bike

Seeing here, do you think you can lose weight by riding a car now? Don’t worry.

Cycling can achieve the purpose of physical exercise, everyone can choose different types of bicycles according to their use purposes and preferences. However, not all bicycles can achieve sufficient speed and intensity. For example:

    Ordinary bicycle

Commuting to work, daily short-distance travel is the most common. Generally speaking, the riding posture is to bend the legs and stand upright on the upper body, or slightly bend over.

The advantages are that the comfort level is higher, and it is not easy to get tired after riding for a long time. The disadvantages are also prominent, and it is not easy to improve the speed.

    Mountain bike

The appearance is cool and is very popular with male friends. It is characterized by variable speed, thick tires, shock absorption, less damage when riding strongly, and is suitable for various complex terrains.

    Road bicycle

This is the bicycle used by the athletes when we watch the Tour de France. The biggest characteristic is that the tires are very thin and the tilt posture when riding is very exaggerated.

In this way, the conclusion is clear, right?

If you want to treat cycling as a sport, don’t want to lose weight, and don’t expect too much from ordinary bicycles or even some small wheels.

Mountain bikes or road bikes are recommended (again on safe roads).

Spinning to lose weight? Be careful of injury

If you ask that the hottest course in the gym is what, the answer is probably spinning.

Spinning belongs to high-intensity intermittent training and is a good form of aerobic exercise.

The dynamic music, the coach’s passionate slogan, the students’ crazy pedaling and sweating really make people feel that exercise is not boring, and the completion of the great cause of weight loss is just around the corner!

But it has two obvious shortcomings.

Less than 1: Easy dehydration, hearing damage

Cycling sweats can really make people feel very good about themselves. However, most of the sweat is caused by sultry heat, humbling and [steaming]. In addition, the volume of the score is too high, which can cause a lot of hearing damage.

This kind of sports environment is not really suitable, but it is not very recommended.

Less than 2: Risk of knee joint injury

Spinning bicycle is not like ordinary bicycle, many movements require standing posture riding, under this kind of movements, the feet are fixed. If the leg posture control is not good, long-term left and right shaking movements may cause ligament and meniscus damage.

When it comes to injuries, more attention should be paid when riding ordinary bicycles.

If you are not in the right position, you will suffer physically.

Everyone’s body shape is different. As a tool, bicycles must keep the human body comfortable to the greatest extent during exercise.

If the car is wrong, the riding posture is wrong, which is not only uncomfortable to ride, but also easy to cause damage over time.

Therefore, no matter what kind of bicycle or spinning exercise you ride, don’t overdo it, otherwise there may be more injuries.

    Injury to lower back and knee: Norwegian researchers have studied over-exercise injuries of professional cyclists. It is mainly the lower back and knee, of which 45% are the lower back and 23% are the knee. Injury to cervical spine and thoracic spine: If the neck and head maintain the same posture for too long, cervical spine is overstretched and thoracic spine is overbent when cycling, it is easy to cause chronic injury due to continuous stress on these two parts.

Just like sitting in front of a computer or bowing their heads to play with a mobile phone all day long, sitting on a bicycle for a long time is also prone to spinal tension and stiffness, and even deteriorates into overuse injury.

Therefore, if you are not a professional cyclist, you should not only ride bicycles, do not do other sports, and do not recommend long-distance cycling for a long time.

It is suggested to do more strength training and stretching and relaxation for neck and back.

Neck and back, exercise more and relax more.

Recommended Training 1: Wall Angel

Posture 1: Start with the back, hips, head and arms against the wall.

Posture 2: Raise your arm over your head, slowly lower your arm along the wall, and focus on squeezing your shoulders closer.

Do 3-5 groups each time, 10-15 times for each group.

Recommended Training 2: Prone TWY

Lie prone on the yoga mat, with arms extended to form a T-shape with the trunk, or with elbows bent 90 degrees to form a W-shape with the trunk, or with arms extended to form a Y-shape with the trunk.

Then tighten the shoulder blades inward and downward on both sides, lift the arms by 2-3cm, hold for 3-5 seconds, return to the initial posture, and repeat for 10-15 times/group.

According to the order of TWY, 3 ~ 5 groups were made each time.