The countdown to the exam, you need this kit before the exam.

The entrance examination is approaching, Dr. Clove invited nutrition, psychology and gynaecology experts to present this pre-test kit. Help the majority of examinees to pass the examination period physically and mentally. Anxiety before the examination, Don’t try your best to approach the exam 100%, Candidates are prone to the following two kinds of excessive anxiety: 1. Too much effort in May, The preparation for the examination has turned white-hot, Many examinees tighten their nerves every day. But this has only one consequence. It is that people become [nerves]. In fact, The college entrance examination is like a marathon, We are only in the last lap now. Candidates are advised to: Hard use 8 points, Leave 2 points for relaxation and play. 2. Too much pursuit of [confidence] this stage, Once the examinee finds out that there are one or two questions that he cannot do, You get nervous right away, As a result, the more you review, the more uncertain you are. Suggest candidates: Instead of pursuing self-confidence, Why don’t you go to the examination room with [partial confidence]? Don’t think about [killing all the questions that you can’t], But think more [I have another question]. If you feel too anxious, Candidates can try these methods: Relaxation Training Usually you can do relaxation training, imagine yourself suddenly going to take an exam, and then try to adjust yourself. When you feel nervous, you can adjust to the [relaxation feeling] you usually practice to master, and let yourself calm down slowly. Try to comfort yourself and tell yourself repeatedly: This is just another exam, no different from before; I have done my best and I can play my best. Even if I fail in the exam, It will not end forever, It won’t kill me… Turn your attention and stop a little after a few hours of review time. Do something relaxing. If you can’t stop, Take a few minutes to take a deep breath. Ask a specialist for help. During the examination season every year, Parents come to psychiatric clinics with their children. If confirmed, Doctors will provide corresponding treatment plans for these students, Help overcome anxiety. Parents’ mentality is very important. Besides, Now many parents are beginning to realize that We should not only pay attention to children’s food and drink, Attention should also be paid to children’s psychology. Many parents stare at their children’s every move every day. Children have some negative emotions such as complaints, Parents immediately asked [are you under great pressure], I wish I could nip all [negative factors that are not conducive to the college entrance examination] in the bud in time. In fact, This [revealing nervous concern] can cause pressure on children. Parents are advised to: Leave your nervousness to yourself, Relax in the face of the child. Menstruation hits the exam, Don’t easily use drugs before a month or so to menstruate girls, You may be worried that the exam time will coincide with your menstrual period. Generally speaking, As long as you stay relaxed and happy, There is no need to take drugs to adjust the menstrual cycle. Drugs that adjust the menstrual cycle, They are usually hormonal drugs. For example, [short-acting oral contraceptives], With a history of more than 50 years, It is safer, It will not affect your health or future fertility. But after taking it, There may be some side effects, Such as drowsiness and dizziness. If you have to, Such as severe dysmenorrhea, functional uterine bleeding, excessive menstruation, Girls can adjust their menstrual cycle by taking [short-acting oral contraceptives] or [progesterone], But be sure to consult your doctor before taking it. I hope girls don’t exaggerate the effect of taking medicine to postpone menstruation on the examination. Unless there is a particularly strong discomfort during menstruation, Medication is generally not recommended. If you are worried that dysmenorrhea will affect the performance of the examination, You can take painkillers under the guidance of a doctor. Diet before exams, Breakfast is good for balanced nutrition: Starch food, high protein food and vegetables and fruits are all available. It is a qualified breakfast. If you add a handful of nuts, It’s a good breakfast. Lunch: It should not be greasy and thick. Choose foods that can stabilize blood sugar and have high content of B vitamins. For example, staple food is mixed with some coarse cereals, Eat some nuts, beans, eggs and meat, Can provide a large amount of B vitamins, It helps to think efficiently. Dinner: The staple food was slightly reduced, Eat more green leafy vegetables, There is not much meat, Cooking is not greasy, So as not to fall asleep after the meal, Night does not affect sleep. Food taken late at night: If you have to study until after 11 o’clock, Or can’t sleep, You can eat some easy-to-digest food taken late at night around 9 pm, Such as millet gruel, lotus root starch paste, thin soup noodles, milk, yogurt, etc. There are several points to note during the examination period: 1. Pay attention to hygiene, Avoid Food Poisoning Every year, many examinees have diarrhea and other [minor problems] that affect their performance in the examination. Don’t eat more seafood and river fresh, This type of food usually has a high level of contamination, When cooking, be careful to cook thoroughly. Don’t covet freshness and leave hidden dangers. Before eating fruits and vegetables raw, You’d better scald it with boiling water, Do surface sterilization. 2. Don’t try too many new foods. For some examinees who are prone to intestinal discomfort, This may cause allergies and intolerance. Home food is the best. 3. Don’t try to improve your grades through health care products. This is at best a kind of psychological comfort. 4. Try not to drink coffee during the review period to avoid affecting sleep and overdrawing energy. Sleep before exams, Don’t sleep well and don’t tangle too much. Generally speaking, the examinee’s sleep problems should be caused by continuous learning pressure, fear, anxiety and other psychological problems. When we feel preoccupied, it will be difficult to relax, making ourselves in a state of excitement and tension, and problems such as difficulty in falling asleep, frequent awakening or early awakening occur. What should insomnia do? Adjust the rhythm of review to relieve pressure; Moderate exercise can help adjust emotions and prevent insomnia. Practice abdominal breathing before going to bed and develop a deeper, slow and relaxed breathing frequency. Make some imagination, divert your attention, don’t pay too much attention to the awake state, and don’t always think [I just can’t sleep]; If you are really very uncomfortable, it is recommended to go to the psychiatric department, but do not take sleeping pills at will. Don’t study, listen to music, read, watch mobile phones and other activities that have nothing to do with sleep in bed. If you are reading this article on your mobile phone in bed now, please go to bed quickly.